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Thinking About a New Mac? Data Transfer Made Easy with Apple’s Migration Assistant

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There’s a lot of excitement surrounding the new lineup of laptops and desktops from Apple. And if you’re a loyal Mac user, chances are you can’t wait to get your hands on a new device. But if you’re like any computer user, you dread the thought of having to set up a whole new machine to look and act just like your last one. Well, Apple has felt our pain and created a data migration tool that actually works!

With the most recent versions of MacOS, you will find a free utility called Migration Assistant that helps you easily transfer data and apps between two Mac computers. (If you are thinking of moving from a PC to a Mac, the migration tool can also help!)

The Migration Assistant walks you through getting the old and the new on the same Wi-Fi network then guides you through setting up the migration. It can copy user data, system settings and preferences, and even programs and apps. Visit Apple to learn more.


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