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Three Useful OneNote Tips

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OneNote is a great note-taking application that can make your work-life easier; here are three helpful OneNote tips.

Linking To Other Notes or Sections

An excellent way to keep track of relevant content in your notes is to link it to related notes or sections. This is especially helpful if you collaborate with others. When you or one of your team members click on the link in one of the notes, it takes them straight to the other page, section or notebook.

Making an internal link in OneNote is relatively easy. Highlight some text in your notes, then right-click on the text and select “Link” from the options. This will pop open a dialog box showing the available notebooks. Navigate to the other notes or section or paste the address of the location into the dialog box and press ok to complete your internal linking.

Anyone who has access to your notes can now better understand by linking to relevant notes. You can also leave linked comments at the bottom of your notes to connect users to other related information.

Extract Text From Your Images

Screen shot showing the Lasso tool in OneNoteOneNote allows you to read and extract text from images, screenshots and photos. This keeps you from having to manually type text from images into a OneNote notebook.

Find the image you want to convert to text and upload, insert or drag it to OneNote. Find the “Lasso Select” option on the Draw tab. Doing this will allow you to choose the area in the image that contains the text you want to convert. Return to the Draw tab, select the “Ink to Text” option and voila! The text on your image turns to editable note text.

Paste without original formatting

The copy-paste function is one of the essential features when writing or editing. Generally, your text will paste original format once you paste it from the internet to your OneNote notebook. You can always paste the text in plain text format by using the menu option to “Paste Text Only” in the right-click.

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