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How To Find Hidden Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

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Thanks to our friends at LawTech Partners, we have some great Windows keyboard shortcuts to share with you this week.

Keyboard shortcuts are time savers and can make you more productive at work. We all know about CTRL+Z to undo your last action; who doesn’t know that CTRL +X or +C or +V are how to quickly Cut, Copy and Paste?

But these are all in-app shortcuts used inside programs like Outlook or Word.

What about some shortcuts for navigating Windows itself?  Years ago, Windows starting including a keyboard button on physical keyboards that look like the Windows logo (aka WK, the Windows key), look for it on the same row as the spacebar. Hold it down with another key to execute some handy features like minimizing all programs and quickly getting to the Desktop or locking your system as you head for out lunch. Here are 10 useful WK shortcuts:

WK…..Open or close Start Menu.

WK + A….Open Action center.

WK + C…..Open Cortana in listening mode.

WK + D…..Display and hide the desktop.

WK + E…..Open File Explorer.

WK + H…..Open the Share charm.

WK + I…..Open Settings.

WK + K…..Open the Connect quick action.

WK + L…..Lock your PC or switch accounts.

WK + M…..Minimize all windows.

WK + S  Open Search.

That’s it for this week. Next week? Look for Mac OS shortcuts!

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