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Yoink — An Easier Way to Move Files Around Your Mac

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Yoink is an app for Macs that allows you to drag and drop files onto a temporary holding area to move them between applications. The app helps you stay organized as you work with files on your Mac. Yoink is like a virtual shelf where you can temporarily drop pictures, text selections, apps, and other items to speed up your workflow. Please note, Yoink is a paid app and costs around $9.

Many Yoink enthusiasts consider it an upgrade to Finder because it boosts productivity and has features not found in the built-in utility app on macOS. The drag-and-drop feature on macOS limits what you can do with files. Although you can drag and drop items in folders or other locations, macOS lacks a drag-and-drop staging center where you can keep these files handy for use. And even if you might be able to overcome these limitations by creating a new folder for dropping digital items, it is not doable with all types of files.

By using Yoink, you can overcome all the drag-and-drop limitations of macOS and unlock more possibilities with your files. You can drag items from anywhere — Finder, Clipboard, webpage content— and place them in stacks on the app for when you need them. Yoink’s window pops out once you drag or select any item or try moving draggable text, webpage images, apps, etc. You can control when and how the Yoink window appears via Settings.

Yoink is not hard to use because it shares similarities with Finder — only much better with improved functionality. For example, you can force-copy or force-move an item using the same Command and Option keys as you would using Finder. The app automatically arranges imported items in stacks allowing you to split, shuffle, or move them either individually or in batches to the intended locations.

You don’t have to worry about losing track of copied items when using Yoink. The app can remember up to 36 previously copied items. Any items copied to the Mac Clipboard are automatically added to the Yoink Clipboard history. You can view them directly in the app’s window or a Widget. Preview any item dropped on the Yoink interface by simply hovering over it. The F5 shortcut can perform several actions, e.g., long-press F5 to restore files removed from Clipboard, click to show/hide shelf, and double-click to save Clipboard’s contents.

Equipped with Apple Continuity features, installing the Yoink iOS version on an iPhone or iPad allows you to transfer files, pictures, and other items between these Apple devices. However, the cross-platform feature is only available on Handoff-compatible Mac devices. You can even save PDFs on Yoink straight from a Print Dialog by installing a PDF extension.

Yoink is compatible with macOS 10.12 Sierra and other newer versions. It costs $9 or so to purchase the app on the Mac Store. You can enjoy a 30-day free trial on the Eternal Storms Software Website.

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