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Vision 2016 Commission: - Legal Education Subgroup Areas of Study

The Commission will look at the current impact, as well as the long-term challenges that the legal profession will face. This comprehensive study will provide the foundation to “prepare today’s lawyer for tomorrow’s practice.”

Legal Education Subgroup Areas of Study

1. Breaking the Existing Formula for Becoming a Lawyer (e.g. how law schools teach; how
bar exam is given).

2. Restructuring the Curriculum (e.g. substantive, practical, experiential, innovative,
business of law, professionalism and character formation).

3. Shaping Education to Meet Market Needs and Needs of Consumers of Legal Services.

4. Interconnection of External Forces on Legal Education (e.g. bar exam, technology).

5. Competencies Needed for the Providing of Legal Services.


ABA Task Force Report External Link

Problematic State of Legal Education PDF document opens in new window

Law Firm Competency Models PDF document opens in new window

Next Phase Pedagogy Reform for the Twenty First Century Legal Education: Delivering Competent Lawyers for a Consumer Driven Market External Link

A Study of the Newly Licensed Lawyer External Link

What Makes Lawyers Happy PDF document opens in new window


Staff: John Berry
Debra Moss Curtis, Chair - Fort Lauderdale (2016)
Bradford D. Kaufman, Vice Chair - West Palm Beach (2016)
Ramón A. Abadin - Miami (2016)
R. Alexander Acosta - Miami (2016)
Emmett Lamar Battles - Tampa (2016)
Raoul G. Cantero III - Miami (2016)
Ross Mathew Goodman - Pensacola (2016)
Scott G. Hawkins - West Palm Beach (2016)
Susan R. Healy - Naples (2016)
Janeia Daniels Ingram - Tallahassee (2016)
Robert H. Jerry II - Gainesville (2016)
Charles B. Morton Jr. - Lauderhill (2016)
Chidi Ogene, Jacksonville (2016)
Eugene K. Pettis - Ft. Lauderdale (2016)
Christopher M. Pietruszkiewicz - Gulfport (2016)
Carl B. Schwait - Gainesville (2016)
Ashley Nona Sybesma - Fort Lauderdale (2016)

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