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The Vote’s in YOUR COURT - Judicial Merit Retention

The Vote's in Your Court - Judicial merit retention. Know the Facts

The Florida Bar encourages you to learn more about judicial merit retention with our educational program The Vote’s in YOUR COURT. This coming November, you will be asked to vote whether to retain the justices and appeals court judges listed on the ballot. This is called judicial merit retention.

Under judicial merit retention, justices and appeals court judges appear on the ballot in staggered six-year terms. This year’s election provides voters the opportunity to review three Supreme Court justices and 15 appeals court judges. They all reached their positions originally after being carefully screened by Judicial Nominating Committees and appointed by Florida governors in a process known as judicial merit selection.

Research suggests many Florida voters are unclear of what judicial merit retention means. Often, they skip this section of the ballot. Informing you about merit retention and making available information that could help you in making informed decisions is the goal of The Vote’s in YOUR COURT.

The Florida Bar encourages you through this program to learn about the justices and judges up for merit retention votes so that when Election Day arrives, you will feel confident of your decisions. The vote is in your court.

Know the Facts
  • League of Women Voters guide/ The Florida Voter (Sept./Oct.)
    Know your Judges and Justices up for merit retention:

    Supreme Court

    First DCA

    Second DCA

    Third DCA

    Fourth DCA

    [Revised: 04-24-2012]