The Florida Bar

Bar's Privacy Policy Introduction

Privacy policy on The Bar's website:

  1. Human readable form:
  2. Machine readable form (XML):
  3. P3P HTTP header record: P3P: policyref="", CP="CAO DSP CURa ADMa DEVa TAIa OUR SAMa NOR STP IND PHY ONL PUR COM NAV OTC"
The impact on users:

At this time only IE recognizes privacy policy formally and adjusts its behavior accordingly.

Double-clicking on the "eye" icon produces

This dialog displays all problematic requests on the page showing the status of the cookies used by each. (All "Google" requests are a result of the Google search functionality we use on our website.)

Selecting a request ( in the display above) and clicking the "Summary" button produces

This a result of The Bar's XML version of privacy policy - a concise but rather terse statement.

The human readable format ( can then be read by selecting "here" (red-circled).

User then has an option suing this panel to decide how to handle cookies from the site. If the user does not get the expected content on the site and wants to proceed by overriding IE's privacy setup, the user can either select to "Always allow this site to use cookies" or adjust IE's privacy selection dial until the desired effect is produced or use other means to obtain the desired content - using a different browser might help.

Or, if that does not help, click on "Sites" in the above panel and enter "" and then "" in the "Address of website" field on the next panel, followed by "Allow" for each.

[Revised: 07-18-2014]