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The Continuing Legal Education (CLE) courses provided by The Florida Bar are a product of the combined efforts of the Bar's CLE Committee and the Sections of The Florida Bar. The Florida Bar Professional Development Department is responsible for this coordination.

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CLE Committee Mission Statement
CLE Seminar Presentations
CLE Audio CDs, DVDs, and Electronic Course Materials
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CLE Committee Mission Statement

The mission of the Continuing Legal Education Committee is to assist the members of The Florida Bar in their continuing legal education and to facilitate the production and delivery of quality CLE programs and publications for the benefit of Bar members in coordination with the Sections, Committees and Staff of The Florida Bar and others who participate in the CLE process.

CLE Seminar Presentations

The CLE calendar is updated monthly and contains listings of live, 24/7 online, webcast, webinar, and telephonic course presentations. Live presentations can be found in Tallahassee, Orlando, Tampa, Ft. Lauderdale and Miami. To locate a CLE course near you, register for CLEs online and access all other course options, check out the main Continuing Legal Education page. If you have questions about specific seminar presentations, not related to credit hours, registrations, or CD/DVD orders, contact the appropriate Bar staff liaison listed below. Questions about registration or credit hours should be directed to (850) 561-5831.

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CLE Audio CDs, DVDs, and Electronic Course Materials

Almost every live seminar of The Florida Bar is audio and/or video taped, and most courses are accompanied by an electronic course book. These Audio CDs, DVDs and online materials can be ordered in addition to, or in lieu of, attending the seminar. CLE credit hours may be earned by listening to the Audio CD or viewing the DVD of the live presentation. Credit hours cannot be obtained from ordering just the electronic course book. The current CDs and DVDs available for order are in the CLE Audio CD/DVD List. Please complete the order form. Fax your credit card payment to (850) 561-5816. If you have questions about Audio CDs, DVDs or course materials, please call Jacqueline Erving (850) 561-5629 or (850) 561-5600 ext. 6661. All major credit cards are accepted through our online ordering process.
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Section Administrator Telephone
Administrative LawCalbrail L. Banner(850) 561-5623
Alternative Dispute ResolutionGabrielle Tollok(850) 561-5650
Animal LawJeremy Citron(850) 561-5620
Appellate PracticeJoAnn Shearer(850) 561-5630
Business LawJoAnn Shearer(850) 561-5630
City, County and Local Government LawRicky Libbert(850) 561-5631
Criminal LawChase Early(850) 561-5628
Elder LawChris Hargrett(850) 561-5625
Entertainment, Arts and Sports LawAngie Froelich (850) 561-5633
Environmental and Land Use LawJeremy Citron(850) 561-5620
Family LawGabrielle Tollok(850) 561-5650
Solo & Small FirmRicky Libbert(850) 561-5631
Government LawyerCalbrail L. Banner(850) 561-5623
Health LawWillie Mae Shepherd (850) 561-5624
International LawAngie Froelich(850) 561-5633
Labor and Employment LawAngie Froelich(850) 561-5633
Out-of-State DivisionWillie Mae Shepherd (850) 561-5624
Public Interest LawCalbrail L. Banner(850) 561-5623
Real Property, Probate and Trust LawMary Ann Obos(850) 561-5626
TaxChris Hargrett(850) 561-5625
Trial LawyersChase Early(850) 561-5628
Workers' CompensationWillie Mae Shepherd(850) 561-5624
Young Lawyers DivisionTom Miller(850) 561-5621
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