The Florida Bar

Board Certification Awards

Nominate a Certified Lawyer by May 6.

Each May member may nominate a certified lawyer or judge for the BLSE’s 2016 certification awards: The Justice Harry Lee Anstead Award for Florida Bar Board Certified Lawyer of the Year and the Award for Excellence in the Promotion of Board Certification

You or one of your colleagues could be among the distinguished group of lawyers PDF document opens in new window who are previous recipients. The Anstead award recognizes exemplary professionalism, excellence, character and commitment to The Florida Bar’s certification program and to the practice of law. The excellence award recognizes excellence and creativity by a Florida Bar board certified lawyer or a law firm in advancing the public’s knowledge of and appreciation for legal board certification. Applications are due in May each year.

Please contact Arlee J. Colman at (850) 561-5805 or for more information.

[Revised: 05-11-2016]