The Florida Bar

Judith D. Equels

Judith D. Equels is the Director of The Florida Bar’s Practice Resource Institute (PRI). Ms. Equels has over 25 years of law office management experience. In her addition to her duties as Director, Ms. Equels serves as a full-time PRI Practice Management Advisor. She assists solo practitioners, law firms, corporate legal departments, and government law offices in all aspects of law practice management.

Before joining PRI as a Practice Management Advisor, Ms. Equels was with the consulting firm of Hildebrandt International. As a consultant with Hildebrandt International, she worked with law firms and corporate legal departments in both the United States and Canada. As a legal administrator, she managed law offices of varying sizes, from small firms to multiple branches of national and international law firms. She is an active member of the Association of Legal Administrators, and since 1982 has served in leadership roles at the national, regional, and local levels of ALA.

Ms. Equels is a regular presenter at continuing legal educational seminars and law firm retreats on behalf of The Florida Bar, and has lectured on law office management and law practice management for state and local bars, inns of court, specialty bars, and the general counsel offices for corporations and governmental agencies, as well as the Association of Legal Administrators.

[Revised: 01-06-2015]