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PRI Trust Accounting and Monthly Reconciliation Forms Using Microsoft Excel

The Excel Spreadsheet Templates provided here are published by the Practice Resource Institute (PRI) of The Florida Bar and may be used "as is" or modified as needed with the permission of the publisher. These templates have not been adopted as official forms of The Florida Bar. These Templates are intended for trust accounting use by lawyers with fewer than 25 trust transactions per month. Users with higher volumes of trust activity should consider commercially produced trust accounting software, such as TABS3 Trust Accounting Module. The Florida Bar and the creators of these forms make no warranties, express or implied, concerning their use, and disclaim any responsibility whatsoever for the information contained in them. Users should have a basic understanding of Excel spreadsheets.

Before using these Excel Spreadsheets for your Trust Accounting, PRI strongly recommends that you download and view the free 1.5 hour CLE course Maintaining a TRUSTWORTHY Trust Account External Link.

PRI provides Excel Templates to use for Trust Accounting compliance with The Florida Bar Rules. There are three workbooks. All three are required for compliant trust accounting procedures, and each has its own built-in instructions on usage. Additionally, there is a PDF document providing instructions about where and how to save these templates when downloading them to your computer so they are available year after year.

Once a template file is properly saved as a form, you can use it repeatedly to start new spreadsheets. For instance, to start a new annual Trust Journal, you would select “new” spreadsheet to open the first set of options. You would then choose the “My Templates” area, and select “PRI Trust Accounting Journal Template.xlt” from the list of available templates. After that, you would name and save the newly opened workbook as your new Journal. The master template itself remains unchanged -- ready for the next year.

Instructions on how you should use templates are also included in the PDF document.

Please download and save all four of these items. Follow the PDF instructions to save the templates correctly and use the instructions contained in each workbook. You will be on your way.

Instructions on Saving and Using Excel Template Files PDF document opens in new window

PRI Trust Accounting Journal Template Excel document opens in new window

PRI Trust Accounting Client Ledgers Excel document opens in new window

PRI Trust Accounting Forms, Rule Cites and Monthly Reconciliation Procedures Template Excel document opens in new window

[Revised: 01-23-2015]