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The Practice Resource Institute was created to assist members dealing with all of the business aspects of setting up, managing, merging or closing a professional practice.

PRI Director's Recommended Practice Management Books

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    Anatomy Of A Law Firm Merger – How to Make or Break the Deal 2nd Edition, Hildebrandt International, ABA Law Practice Management Section

    Collecting Your Fee -- Getting Paid From Intake To Invoice, Edward Poll, ABA Law Practice Management Section

    Compensation Plans for Law Firms, 5th Edition, James D. Cotterman, Editor, Altman Weil Inc.

    Lawyer’s Guide To Records Management and Retention, George C. Cunningham and John C. Montana, ABA Law Practice Management Section

    Lawyer’s Guide To Marketing Your Practice, James A. Durham and Deborah McMurray, Editors, ABA Law Practice Management Section

    Results Oriented Financial Management – A Step-by-Step Guide to Law Firm Profitability, 2nd Edition, by John G. Iezzi, CPA

    Lawyer’s Guide to Retirement Strategies for Attorneys and Their Firms, David A. Bridewell, Editor

    Corwin & Campi On Law Firm Partnership Agreements – by Law Journal Seminars-Press. A wonderful book with discussions and sample polices and agreements on shareholder employment, retirement policies, compensation systems, and more. 

    Managing Partner 101: A Guide to Successful Law Firm Leadership, Lawrence G. Green,

    Handling Personnel Issues in the Law Office: Your Legal Responsibilities as an Employer, Francis T. Coleman and Douglas E. Rosenfeld

    The Business of Law, 3rd Edition, Edward Poll, ABA Law Practice Management Section

    Risk Management: Survival Tools for Law Firms, 2d Edition, Anthony E. Davis and Peter R. Jarvis, ABA Law Practice Management Section

    Big Firm Techniques that Can Work for a Small Law Firm, Jay G. Foonberg, ABA Law Practice Management Section

Specialized Topics

    How to Build and Manage a Personal Injury Practice, 3rd Edition, K. William Gibson, ABA Law Practice Management Section 

    How to Start and Build a Law Practice, Fifth Edition, Jay G. Foonberg, ABA Law Practice Management Section

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