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DVDs and CDs
ABC’s of Starting and Managing Your Law Practice ($50.00) – 2.5 General CLER credits, course number 1263R – This 2 and ½ hour program is designed to provide a complete overview of the critical aspects and interrelated issues involved in establishing and managing a new law practice. Practice Management Advisors (PMAs) of The Florida Bar identify and review the necessary resources for starting a law practice and how to find these resources. The PMAs cover step-by-step instructions and discuss practical tips for starting up the practice, preparing a business plan, and discuss the management skills necessary to manage a successful law practice.

Building Business in a Down Economy ($50.00) - 2.5 General CLER credits including 1.0 Ethics, course number 1094R - In this rapid-fire 2 and ½ hour audio CD, nationally recognized Master Practice Advisor Dustin Cole draws from his more than 20 years of experience in legal marketing to pinpoint the new economic realities, identify what has changed, and offer both marketing fundamentals and new, more effective solutions. Listeners will gain an understanding of the tools and specific action plans to increase revenues through more active, focused, and effective marketing.

Building the Small Firm Marketing Program: From Planning to Ethical, Effective Action ($50.00) – 2.5 General CLER credits including 2.5 Ethics, course number 1265R – Small law firms and solo practitioners now comprise more than 62% of the profession. The supply/demand equation for legal services has been shifting dramatically in recent years. The purpose of this program is to help the lawyer market legal services effectively and ethically in a highly competitive legal marketplace. This course will teach how to develop a plan for consistent action and how to weather changes in demographics, in the economy and the value curve in the public’s demand for legal services.

Developing a Business Plan for the Start-up Law Firm ($50.00) – 1.5 General CLER credits, course number 1535R – Learn how to develop a business plan, including key definitions and terms. The seminar leaders discuss the importance of having a start-up business plan. They review development of pro forma financial statements, including an in-depth discussion of cash requirements, budgeting and revenue projections. Additionally, they share with you the three crucial marketing and planning skills lawyers need when contemplating starting their own law practice. This seminar also addresses the pros and cons of the virtual law office and offers additional resources for the start-up law firm.

Electronic Discovery in Florida State Court: Navigating New Rules for New Issues ($50.00) – 3.0 General CLER credits including 1.0 Ethics; .5 Certification credits in Criminal Trial Law and 3.0 Certification credits in State & Federal Government & Administrative Practice, course number 1540R – This course covers the electronic discovery rules that were adopted by the Florida Supreme Court on July 7, 2012, and provides guidance on how to utilize the rules to meet your professional obligations and to diligently advocate for your clients regardless of your practice area. It explains and provides examples of the application of these new rules and the new terms and language of electronic discovery, including such principal concepts as proportionality, accessibility, cooperation, cost-shifting, staging, tiering, production format, active data, undue burden, meet and confer, and search and review. It also covers the Rules of Professional Conduct that require lawyers to effectively protect the client’s confidential, privileged, and trade secret information.

Law Firm Financial Management for the Non-Financial Professional ($50.00) – 2.0 General CLER credits, course number 1266R – This 2 hour introductory-level program helps lawyers, law firm support staff, and non-financial law firm managers raise their awareness of law firm economics and financial management. Law schools and paralegal schools do not teach financial management skills. Consequently, many lawyers and paralegals lack the financial management skills to prepare and manage case budgets, and to understand and analyze clients’ financial information. Lawyers establishing a new law practice need to understand financial reports to manage firm finances and daily operations. As lawyers strive to balance firm management with active caseloads, there is a greater need to understand financial information, particularly the balance sheet, profit and loss statement, owner’s equity statement, and cash flow statement. Decisions made without properly understanding the underlying financial implications may lead to reduced earnings (or even losses), layoffs, dissolutions, and improper client intake procedures.

Lawyer As Employer ($50.00) - 3.0 General CLER credits including 2.0 Ethics; 2.5 Certification credits in Labor & Employment Law, course number 1091R – A two-part DVD set covering over 3 hours of practical, legal, and ethical aspects of law office employee management. Lawyers and law office staff must function as a team. Building an effective team starts with informed team leaders. From recruiting to termination, from FSLA wage & hour compliance to developing your own job descriptions, this DVD set with course materials, checklists, and forms is a valuable tool for every partner or law office manager tasked with managing support staff personnel.

Maintaining a TRUSTworthy Trust Account ($50.00) – 1.5 General CLER credits including 1.5 Ethics, course number 1902RAre you certain you understand trust accounting rules? This seminar contains a detailed presentation of rules and expectations from The Florida Bar about how to properly manage your trust account. Trust accounting involves more than just keeping money in the bank. Participate in this informative session to review the basic principles of trust accounting. Topics addressed include Florida Bar trust account rules and applicable ethics opinions, key definitions, and best practices.

Managing Business Risk in the Law Firm ($50.00) – 2.0 General CLER credits including .5 Ethics, course number 1375R – This two-hour seminar addresses the many perils and pitfalls to avoid in law office management. You will learn how to protect the law practice against disruptions and disasters. This presentation focuses on the importance of strategic planning, marketing efforts, leadership succession planning, and business continuity issues, including: natural disasters; social, government, personnel, and health disasters; technology and data security; work environment security; law firm structure and governance; group and general insurance coverages; marketing and advertising mistakes; and other blind spots that, if not handled properly, could irreparably harm your law firm.

New Rule 2.526: Digital Accessibility of Documents Electronically Transmitted to Florida Courts ($50.00) – 1.0 General CLER credit, course number 1468R – New Rule of Judicial Administration 2.526 took effect January 1, 2012. New Rule 2.526 requires that any document that is or will become a judicial branch record, and that is electronically transmitted, must be formatted in a manner that complies with all state and federal laws requiring electronic accessibility to persons with disabilities. These requirements include compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, and Section 508 of the federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as incorporated into Florida law by Section 282.603(1), Florida Statutes (2010). This course will cover: what is an accessible document?; electronic filing of court documents and digital accessibility of e-filed court documents; summary explanation of Rule 2.525(g) and Rule 2.526; necessary software; how to prepare and convert your document; and resources for troubleshooting.

Professional Liability Insurance: Everything You Need to Ask ($50.00) – 2.0 General CLER credits including 1.0 Ethics; 1.5 Certification credits in Civil Trial, course number 1374R – This two-hour seminar addresses the current trends in professional liability insurance, and what important policies and procedures you need to be aware of that may apply to your law practice. It discusses the latest information concerning where claims are generated as tracked by size of firm, areas of practice, and types of errors and omissions. Gain a deeper understanding of risk management best practices that you can implement in your firm. Some of the topics discussed are: issues involving prior acts coverage; professional liability insurance aspects of law firm mergers, acquisitions and dissolutions; how “consent to settle” clauses work; analyzing exclusions, and reporting claims and incidents; and identifying critical portions of the policy application and how they can affect coverage.

Technology Planning for the New Law Practice ($50.00) – 2.0 General CLER credits, course number 1264R – This 2 hour program presented by Jerry Sullenberger, a Practice Management Advisor of The Florida Bar, explains how to determine the technology requirements for the new solo or small firm law practice. It addresses, “How much technology will I need and how much will it cost?” The program reviews basic terminology you must know to select your computer and software systems. It examines suggested hardware specifications, rotation planning, operating system choices, case and matter management systems, financial management software, document assembly and document management software. Also included is discussion about peripheral devices, such as printers, scanners, and telephone solutions, as well as fundamental office infrastructure including networking, maintenance, training, administration and security.

Working in the Cloud: It’s the Latest, It’s the Greatest, or Is It? ($50.00) – 2.5 General CLER credits, course number 1539R – This seminar is intended as a cloud computing primer for lawyers. It addresses the benefits, disadvantages, and pitfalls of working in the cloud. Internet-based software as a service (SaaS) also will be discussed in detail, including the financial and case management benefits to be gained by working in the cloud, as well as the ethical considerations that should not be ignored. Easy to implement tips and safeguards will be provided.

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Administrative Forms Handbook on CD ($50.00) -- developed by PRI -- Over 100 sample forms, including client communication forms and letters, client fee agreements and letters of representation, client intake forms, financial forms, marketing forms, partnership and PA documents, and personnel forms (general staff and associate attorneys).

Maintaining a Trust Account Using QuickBooks ® ($65.00) -- This publication is for those firms already familiar with QuickBooks® and how it can be used in a law practice. It's designed to help you understand how to use your QuickBooks® to maintain your trust account in compliance with The Florida Bar's Rules regarding trust accounts.
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