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General Managment Consultations

PRI was created to assist members dealing with all of the business aspects of setting up, managing, merging or closing a professional practice.

Without effective office management processes in place, law offices frequently operate in chaotic and inefficient work environments that breed poor office morale, mistake-prone work product, disgruntled clients, missing and/or disorganized files, and higher than necessary overhead expenses. The Florida Bar’s Practice Resource Institute can help you manage your law firm more efficiently.

PRI Practice Management Advisors (PMA) never soft-pedal the issues and challenges. We conduct an in-depth review of the strengths and weaknesses of your law practice, focusing on recommendations that help lawyers manage risk, cut costs and improve profitability. Our goal is to provide lawyers the law practice management knowledge and tools to develop and implement policies, processes and procedures that will make the office run more efficiently and effectively.

Each consultation is tailored to address the specific issues as identified by the owners of the law practice. PRI PMAs work with all sizes and types of law offices: from solo practitioners and small law firms, to government legal offices and large law firms. PRI consultations are private, and, in every case, the managing attorney(s) set the parameters of the consultations. Prior to the consultation, we ask the lawyers to complete a pre-consultation survey to help us prepare materials and an agenda. We handle many consultation requests from lawyers such as: “Are our trust accounting procedures all they could be? Are we in compliance?”; “Could our records management function be improved?”; “Can we talk generally about our processes and workflow and then tell us what you think.” In short, problems are identified and addressed. 

Typical items for review include (but are not limited to):

Client intake process and procedures;
Accounting procedures, including financial statements;
Billing and collections;
Timekeeping and timekeeping alternatives;
Personnel issues;
Employee evaluations;
Compensation systems;
Records information management;
Technology management;
Marketing; and
Structure and governance.

PRI welcomes your inquiries which are free of charge. Extended consultations are via video conference or telephone conference, and should be arranged advance. The length of the consultation varies by office size. Most consultations for small offices are completed in one day. Consultations for larger offices can occur over several days. A written report is available upon request. Consultations are fee based and quoted on the basis of firm size and the scope of the consultation.

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[Revised: 01-23-2015]