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Spoliation of Evidence and Non-Party Witnesses

Featured Article
Florida courts have recognized a cause of action for spoliation of evidence against third parties that arises when a person,...

Understanding Unliquidated Securities Claims Under §523(a)(19) in Chapter 7 Cases

Featured Article
In bankruptcy, some claims or debts are “unliquidated.” This simply means that the amount of the debt has not been...

Remembering RBG: A Look Back at the Life and Legacy of a Legend, a Year After Her Passing

Appellate Practice
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the second woman to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court and a pioneer of...

Exploring a Better Way for Small Claims Resolution in Florida

President's Page
Most of us during our career have received a request to help someone with a really small civil claim, say...

Florida’s New Commercial Real Estate Receivership Act: A Roadmap for Judges and Practitioners

Business Law
A receiver is “a person appointed by the court to take control, custody, or management of property involved in litigation...

“Beat the Clock”: Deadlines in a Military Divorce Case

Family Law
In this article, we tackle how to address deadlines in military divorce cases. The essential component of “beating the clock”...

Tax Penalties After VMOB: What to Know and How to Fight Back

A 2020 decision from the Second District Court of Appeal drastically changed how tax penalties work in Florida. The case,...