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Is an Unequal Equitable Distribution Equitable?

Featured Article
In Florida, under the common law, title dictated the distribution of assets incident to a divorce.[1] Wives were at risk...

The Florida Bar Prioritizes Cybersecurity in the Digital Age

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At the beginning of my presidency, The Florida Bar created the Standing Committee on Cybersecurity and Privacy Law — the...

The Cashless Real Estate Deal: Beware of Phantom Withholding on Foreign Partners’ Income

Featured Article
Down markets yield an uptick in insolvent real estate transactions, which may result in cancellation of indebtedness income (COD income)....

The People’s Court on Appeal: Three Years of County Court Appeals to the District Courts of Appeal

Appellate Practice
As the clock approached midnight on December 31, 2020, Floridians looked with hope to a new beginning, leaving behind a...

Blameless Ignorance Under Florida Law — A “Peculiarly Local Doctrine”

Administrative Law
Those who represent injured plaintiffs seldom invoke equitable tolling, but maybe they should reconsider.[1] For several decades, Florida courts have...

Creating the Effective Pretrial Stipulation Under Civil Case Management

Solo and Small Firm
Imagine that your legal assistant reminds you that the deadline is fast approaching to file a joint pretrial stipulation in...

Perspective from a Delegated Local Government Attorney on the State Mangrove Trimming and Preservation Act

Environmental & Land Use Law
When most people see a mangrove, they may see a nuisance. They may see an annoying obstruction to their view...