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Judgment Collection: The Use of Proceedings Supplementary to Compel a Debtor to Pay a Judgment

Featured Article
Generally, judgment collection is not easy. Judgment debtors will often move assets around and even keep them in foreign countries...

Subchapter V: A Big Deal for Small Businesses

Business Law
The importance of the viability of small businesses to the national economy cannot be overstated. According to the U.S. Small...

Estate Planning Issues in a Divorce Situation II: An Update and Standing Orders

Family Law
In 2012, Ms. Brunner published, in this Journal, a review of ‘estate planning type’ rights during 1) the pendency of...

What Does “Life’s Legal Moments” Actually Mean?

President's Page
The Florida Bar recently launched a public education program called “Life’s Legal Moments.” What does this phrase mean? It refers...

Cosmetic Animal Testing: The Future of Cruelty-Free Beauty in Florida

Animal Law
Animal testing is an issue that has been at the center of debate in the scientific and legal communities for...

A Not-So-Little Problem with Precedent: Intra-district Conflict in Florida District Courts of Appeal

Appellate Practice
There is a difference in opinion when it comes to intra-district precedent in Florida. Most lawyers believe — and some...

The COVID-19 Pandemic: Lessons Learned for Labor and Employment Practitioners

Labor and Employment Law
On March 13, 2020, President Donald Trump declared the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) a national emergency. As state and local...