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Harvesting the Sun: A Sustainable Approach for Florida’s Greenbelt Law

Featured Article
In 2021, Florida dropped to 21st place for gross receipts of farms, its lowest rank since 1953.[1] The Sunshine State...

Adoption By the Numbers: Two Years Later, How Should the Florida Courts Navigate the “Not-So-New” Florida Summary Judgment Rule?

Appellate Practice
On December 31, 2020, the Florida Supreme Court amended Florida Rule of Civil Procedure 1.510, which regulates summary judgment motions.[1]...

Traffic Jams Are Not Enough: Administrative Standing in Permitting Challenges

Administrative Law
The threshold issue of standing is a linchpin in the efficient and effective operation of the administrative and judicial systems....

Getting Down to the Basics — Free Nota Trust Accounting Resource

President's Page
One of my goals this year is to ensure the Bar is more proactive in protecting the public and helping...

Crisis Communications and Image Restoration — There’s Insurance for That?

Business Law
Imagine the following scenario. You represent a small to medium-sized business or organization as their primary counsel. Your client calls...

Corporate Transparency Act Reporting Rules Finalized, But Will Access Issues Cause Delay?

As of this writing (June 15, 2023), the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA)[1] is scheduled to take effect on January 1,...

Changing The Face of ADR: A Call for Greater Diversity Among the ADR Profession

Alternative Dispute Resolution Section
Mediation and arbitration are the most commonly used forms of alternative dispute resolution in Florida. In both processes, a neutral...