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As a newly admitted member to The Florida Bar, I enjoy reading the Bar Journal, especially its opinion pieces that identify and explore important issues facing members of the legal community.

In particular, Michael Tanner’s opinion in the March/April 2022 edition, “Improving Career Opportunities for Florida’s Lawyers,” caught my attention with his analysis of the daunting reality among new, and even established attorneys; that hard work is often only part of the equation for success within this noble and elite profession. In his comment, Tanner identifies the “unfortunate” fact that career advantages are disproportionate among lawyers. He even further states that “[s]ome of these lawyers have left the practice of law, and data shows that this has occurred most often among women and minority lawyers”; although “unfortunate” it fails to explore the discrepancies noted among women and minorities.

I commend and praise Tanner on his identification and analysis of such a complicated issue. Although Tanner’s piece cites important issues and draws thoughtful inferences, his work deserves further analysis and investigation by this publication. I implore and invite The Florida Bar Journal to investigate this issue further and identify why women and minorities are leaving the practice of law at greater rates than other classes. It is imperative that those tasked with employing legal professionals are doing more to expand opportunities within the workforce through an equal and inclusive selection process.

Andrew Kaufman, Gainesville