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Paperboy: A Dylan Tomassi Novel

By Dan Romanello Book Reviews

Image of Paperboy This book is such fun to read! Some of the most exciting parts of the book are where the brother of a fictional Florida governor gets himself into all sorts of trouble with shady business deals and drugs. The brother is the right hand man for the corrupt Florida governor. The book touches on various issues that face our state and the nation in general.

The main character is Dylan Tomassi who was raised by a single mother in affluent Fairfield County, Connecticut. Dylan and his best friend Alex manage to get out of some scrapes, and Dylan excels in baseball and football. Dylan befriends a widow who becomes his mentor in matters of life, business, and finance. She then sets Dylan on his way to becoming hugely successful in Florida.

When Dylan relocates to Florida and becomes a highly successful investor, people and events cause exciting twists and turns in his life. He also comes to find that many things that are going on in society don’t make sense. He sets on a course to use his wealth to help others and on top of that, reunites with an old flame from up north. Meanwhile, Dylan finds himself trying to clean up a sticky situation involving his best friend from childhood: Alex.

With lies, deception, and murder all around him, Dylan shows that you can do the right thing, and you can do the right thing for the right reasons.

Steve Mortimer of St. Petersburg is a member of The Florida Bar.