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126 Florida lawyers earn board certification

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The Board of Legal Specialization and Education congratulates the 126 lawyers who recently earned Florida Bar board certification, which recognizes attorneys’ special knowledge, skills, and proficiency in various areas of law and professionalism and ethics in practice. Board certified lawyers are “Evaluated for Professionalism and Tested for Expertise.”

Florida’s legal ranks currently feature over 5,000 board-certified attorneys, offering expertise in 27 areas of law. With just one in 20 Florida Bar members able to call themselves “board certified,” it clearly is a crucial component in the career of any attorney looking to emerge from the crowd.

As the legal landscape grows increasingly competitive, board certified lawyers are able to use their status to set themselves apart from peers. And a growing number of Bar members are exploring board certification to help stand out in what they see as a crowded landscape.

Lawyers who recently earned board certification include:

Admiralty and Maritime Law

Catherine Saylor

Appellate Practice

Patrick Chidnese

Joseph Eagleton

Marc Hernandez

Andrew Labbe

Chance Lyman

Daniel Nordby

Brent Steinberg

Matthew Struble

Aviation Law

John Gagliano

Peter Sobota

Business Litigation

Giacomo Bossa

Joseph Coleman

Roger Feicht

Jocelyne Macelloni

Brandon Meadows

Timothy Sobczak

City, County and Local Government Law

Amity Barnard

David Cruz

Andrew Dunkiel

Elysse Elder

Christopher Garrett

Naomi Levi Garcia

David Margolis

Christine Messier

Nancy Meyer

Jacob Schumer

Amber Slayton

Isabella Sobel

Stephanie Throckmorton

Civil Trial

Michelle Bartels

Angela Castronovo

Ramon Crego

Michael Damaso

Chelsea Harris

Michele Morales

Paul Nugent

Stanley Plappert

Andrew Rader

Michael Regan

Ty Roland

Eiman Sharmin

Jennifer Valiyi

Condominium and Planned Development Law

Howell Melton

Jennifer Michelle Sinclair

Daniel Weber

Aaron White

Construction Law

Michael Barzyk

Charles Bearden

George Breur

Matthew Devisse

David Ehrlich

Lauren Eliopoulos

Michael Fant

Jennifer Felipe

Ashley Graham

Jeffrey Green

Kellie Humphries

Jason Lambert

Scott Lombardo

Marshall McDonald

Kyle Ohlenschlaeger

Clayton Osteen

Kristina Puente

Aaron Reichelson

Michael Rothfeldt

Jonathan Silver

Anthony Soto

Stephen Stukey

Ryan Sullivan

Jeffrey Widelitz

Brett Williams

Criminal Appellate Law

Matthew McLain

Kaylee Tatman

Elizabeth Webb

Criminal Trial Law

Jordan Beard

Sean Bevil

Lauren Cobb

Jennifer Joynt-Sanchez

Austen Kane

Susan Lawson

Kennedy Legler

Ashley Parker

Tisheena Rickerson

Meritxell Ros

Brittany Sakovich

Andrew Searle

Jennifer Thornton

Yanelis Zamora de Corte

Education Law

Natasha Mickens

Elder Law

Stacey Schwartz

Immigration and Nationality Law

Denisse Ilabaca

Intellectual Property Law

Sonja W. Sahlsten

International Litigation & Arbitration

Tiffany Natasha Compres

Juvenile Law

Amelia Edwards

Labor and Employment Law

Benjamin Briggs

Holly Goodman

Marital and Family Law

Stephen Gregg

Andrew Nickolaou

Andrew Reder

Christopher Rumbold

Andrew Wilson

Real Estate

Patricia Assmann

Jennifer Fisher

Bradley Friedman

Jesika Munar

Laura Noyes

Christopher Pope

Thomas Ralabate

Cynthia Raleigh

Rebecca Rodriguez

Stefan Sinn

Kara Stachel

Bradley Tennant

Monica Tirado

State and Federal Government and Administrative Practice

Alexander Brick

Daniel Russell

Christopher Tumminia

Tax Law

Micah Fogarty

Stephen Holmgren

Brandon Mourges

Scott St. Amand

Christopher Weeg

Wills, Trusts and Estates

Gregory Band

William Stetson

Daniel Tullidge

Workers’ Compensation

Ryan Knight


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