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196 appointed to Bar committee leadership positions

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The Florida Bar Protecting Rights, Pursuing Justice, Promoting Professionalism sealPresident-elect Gary Lesser has appointed 196 members to Florida Bar committee leadership positions for the 2022-23 Bar year.

In all, more than 2,000 Bar members serve on 74 standing committees.

Those appointed to leadership positions include:

Admiralty & Maritime Law Certification Committee

  • Robert L. Gardana, Chair
  • Howard T. Sutter, Vice Chair

Admiralty Law Committee

  • Attilio M. Costabel, Chair
  • Gino J. Buttó, Jr., Vice Chair
  • Barbara A. Kreitz Cook, Vice Chair
  • Adria G. Notari, Vice Chair

Adoption Law Certification Committee

  • Susan M. Levin, Chair
  • Robert L. Webster III, Vice Chair

Advertising Committee

  • Zachary Catanzaro, Chair
  • Joseph Towne, Vice Chair

Annual Convention Committee

  • Kyleen Hinkle, Co-Chair
  • Whitney Untiedt, Co-Chair
  • Lori Ward, Vice Chair
  • Tad Yates, Vice Chair

Antitrust & Trade Regulation Law Certification Committee

  • William Blechman, Chair
  • Gregory Hansel, Vice Chair

Appellate Court Rules Committee

  • Judge Andrew Manko, Chair
  • Aaron Daniel, Vice Chair
  • Elaine Walter, Vice Chair

Appellate Practice Certification Committee

  • Duane Daiker, Chair
  • Forrest Andrews, Jr., Vice Chair

Aviation Law Certification Committee

  • Robert L. Feldman, Chair
  • David M. McDonald, Vice Chair

Aviation Law Committee

  • Vanessa D. Torres, Chair
  • Patrick H. Neale, Vice Chair

Board of Legal Specialization & Education

  • Elisha D. Roy, Chair
  • David Willis, Vice Chair

Business Litigation Certification Committee

  • Andrew P. Lannon, Chair
  • Rachael S. Loukonen, Vice Chair

City, County & Local Government Law Certification Committee

  • Henry J. Hunnefeld, Chair
  • Carl E. Brody, Jr., Vice Chair

Civil Procedure Rules Committee

  • Lance V. Curry III, Chair
  • Amelia Hallenberg Beard, Vice Chair
  • Judson Cohen, Vice Chair
  • Cosme Caballero, Vice Chair
  • Jason B. Sherry, Vice Chair

Civil Trial Law Certification Committee

  • Kathryn L. McHale, Chair
  • Susan J. Cole, Vice Chair

Clients’ Security Fund Committee

  • Amy Bandow, Chair
  • Barnaby Min, Vice Chair
  • Craig Rappel, Vice Chair

Code & Rules of Evidence Committee

  • Eric A. Hernandez, Chair
  • Sean Domnick, Vice Chair
  • Katelyn Johnston, Vice Chair
  • Mara Marzano, Vice Chair

Committee on Professionalism

  • Jason Berger, Chair
  • Chardean Hill, Vice Chair
  • Magdalena Ozarowski, Vice Chair

Committee on Technology

  • Kevin Johnson, Chair
  • Carlos Baradat, Vice Chair
  • Ioannis Giantsidis, Vice Chair

Condominium and Planned Development Law Certification Committee

  • Kenneth Direktor, Chair
  • Barry Ansbacher, Vice Chair

Constitutional Judiciary Committee

  • Katherine Van de Bogart, Chair
  • Jason D. Silver, Vice Chair

Construction Law Certification Committee

  • Jared S. Gillman, Chair
  • Katherine L. Heckert, Vice Chair

Consumer Protection Law Committee

  • Kaelyn Diamond, Chair
  • Margery Golant, Vice Chair
  • Richard Lawson, Vice Chair
  • Ruth Lee, Vice Chair
  • Marena Ramirez, Vice Chair

Continuing Legal Education Committee

  • Jowanna Oates, Chair
  • Doug Greenbaum, Vice Chair

Criminal Law Certification Committee

  • Cyrus Toufanian, Chair
  • Mitchell Stone, Vice Chair

Criminal Procedure Rules Committee

  • Cynthia Cohen, Chair
  • Jason Blank, Vice Chair
  • Lorena Mastrarrigo, Vice Chair
  • Judge Deborah M. Sisco, Vice Chair
  • James F. Stewart, Vice Chair

Diversity and Inclusion Committee

  • LaKisha Kinsey-Sallis, Chair
  • Anika Hardmon, Vice Chair
  • Julian Jackson-Fannin, Vice Chair
  • Valeria Obi, Vice Chair
  • Paul SanGiovanni, Vice Chair
  • Katherine Scott, Vice Chair

Education Law Certification Committee

  • Laura Pincus, Chair
  • Dana Macdonald, Vice Chair

Education Law Committee

  • Nathan Adams IV, Chair
  • David D’Agata, Vice Chair
  • Lacey Hofmeyer, Vice Chair

Elder Law Certification Committee

  • Marjorie Wolasky, Chair
  • Matthew Linde, Vice Chair

Eminent Domain Committee

  • Brian Smith, Chair
  • Lauren Howell, Vice Chair
  • Bruce Humphrey, Vice Chair
  • Trevor Hutson, Vice Chair
  • Ryan Reese, Vice Chair

Family Law Rules Committee

  • Michael Andriano, Chair
  • Jeffrey Battista, Vice Chair
  • Sheena Benjamin-Wise, Vice Chair
  • Charis Campbell, Vice Chair
  • Chrystal Thornton, Vice Chair

Federal Court Practice Committee

  • Brian Koch, Chair
  • Brandon Breslow, Vice Chair
  • Paige Comparato, Vice Chair
  • Kelly Garcia, Vice Chair
  • Dan Newman, Vice Chair
  • Peter Sartes, Vice Chair

Florida Bar Journal/News Editorial Board

  • Elizabeth Kamper Mabry, Chair
  • Alice Porch, Vice Chair
  • Ryan Tindall, Vice Chair

Florida Probate Rules Committee

  • J. Grier Pressly III, Co-Chair
  • Stacy Rubel, Co-Chair
  • Alexandra Rieman, Vice Chair

Florida Registered Paralegal Eligibility and Compliance Committee

  • Nicole M. Noel, Chair
  • Olga A. Patterson, Vice Chair

Florida Registered Paralegal Enrichment Committee

  • Karen George, Chair
  • Melissa Battle, Vice Chair
  • Shelly Zambo, Vice Chair

Governmental and Public Policy Advocacy

  • Booter L. Imhof, Chair
  • Kelly K. Smith, Vice Chair

Grievance Mediation & Fee Arbitration Committee

  • Samuel Lewis, Chair
  • Steven Lesser, Vice Chair

Health Law Certification Committee

  • William P. Dillon, Chair
  • Lisa D. Taylor, Vice Chair

Immigration & Nationality Law Certification Committee

  • Francisco Symphorien-Saavedra, Chair
  • Maud Poudat, Vice Chair

Intellectual Property Law Certification Committee

  • Samuel A. Lewis, Chair
  • Paul D. Bianco, Vice Chair

International Law Certification Committee

  • Clarissa Ane Rodriguez, Chair
  • Penelope B. Perez-Kelly, Vice Chair

International Litigation and Arbitration Certification Committee

  • Roger S. Kobert, Chair
  • Kristin D. Paz, Vice Chair

Judicial Nominating Procedures Committee

  • Sheila Oretsky, Chair
  • Ava K. Doppelt, Vice Chair
  • Ingrid Suarez, Vice Chair

Juvenile Court Rules Committee

  • Stephanie Zimmerman, Chair
  • Nazli S. Matt, Vice Chair
  • Brandy L. Merrifield, Vice Chair
  • Cheo Reid, Vice Chair

Juvenile Law Certification Committee

  • Gina Leiser, Chair
  • Belkis Plata, Vice Chair

Labor & Employment Law Certification Committee

  • Patricia R. Sigman, Chair
  • Bradley P. Rothman, Vice Chair

Law Related Education Committee

  • Lori Ellen Ward, Chair
  • Patricia E. Carbone, Vice Chair

Leadership Academy Committee

  • Lisa Capote, Co-Chair
  • Nicholas C. Johnson, Co-Chair
  • Komal S. Mirza, Vice Chair
  • Carlos E. Sardi, Vice Chair

Legal Needs of Children Committee

  • Jennifer Coberly, Chair
  • Allyson Gaiser, Vice Chair
  • Justin Grosz, Vice Chair
  • Maxine Williams, Vice Chair

Marital and Family Law Certification Committee

  • Bonnie Sockel-Stone, Chair
  • Belinda Lazzara, Vice Chair

Media & Communications Law Committee

  • Craig Waters, Chair
  • Elisa D’Amico, Vice Chair
  • Mary Nguyen-Nodelman, Vice Chair

Member Benefits Committee

  • Teresa Eyerman, Chair
  • Mark Ragusa, Vice Chair
  • Marva Wiley, Vice Chair

Mental Health & Wellness of Florida Lawyers

  • Karl Klein, Chair
  • Richard Rivera, Vice Chair

Military & Veterans Affairs Committee

  • James Heaton, Chair
  • Andrea DeMichael, Vice Chair

Prepaid Legal Services Committee

  • John Schaefer, Chair

Pro Bono Legal Services Committee

  • Kathy McLeroy, Co-Chair
  • Judge Catherine Peek McEwen, Co-Chair

Professional Ethics Committee

  • Lansing Scriven, Chair
  • Phillip Hutchinson, Vice Chair
  • Carlos Llorente, Vice Chair
  • Jason Korn, Vice Chair

Real Estate Certification Committee

  • Kenneth Lee Bohannon, Chair
  • Ofonedu-Ime Goodwyn, Vice Chair

Rules of General Practice and Judicial Administration Committee

  • Judge Stephen Jewett, Chair
  • Corinne Hodak, Vice Chair

Senior Lawyers Committee

  • Andromeda Monroe, Chair
  • James Caldwell, Jr., Vice Chair
  • Susan Healy, Vice Chair

Small Claims Rules Committee

  • Cristen Martinez, Chair
  • Chantel Wonder, Vice Chair

State & Federal Government & Admin. Practice Cert. Committee

  • Bruce Lamb, Chair
  • Kristin Bigham, Vice Chair

Student Education and Admission to the Bar Committee

  • Jennifer Strouf, Chair
  • Tequisha Myles, Vice Chair

Tax Certification Committee

  • Marvin Kloeppel, Chair
  • Gerrard Grant, Vice Chair

Traffic Court Rules Committee

  • Andrew J. Decker, IV, Chair
  • Howard J. Williams, Vice Chair

Voluntary Bar Liaison Committee

  • Amelia Hallenberg Beard, Chair
  • Beth Feder, Vice Chair
  • Braulio Rosa, Vice Chair

Unlicensed Practice of Law Committee

  • Antonette Russell, Chair
  • Gilbert Alba, Vice Chair
  • Marcie Bour, Vice Chair

Wills, Trusts & Estates Certification Committee

  • David Shulman, Chair
  • Anthony Guettler, Vice Chair

Workers’ Compensation Certification Committee

  • Mark Eckels, Chair
  • Juliana Curtis, Vice Chair

Workers’ Compensation Rules Advisory Committee

  • Jodi Middleton, Chair
  • Neil Ambekar, Vice Chair
  • Frank Taddeo, Vice Chair

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