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76 Florida lawyers earn board certification

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Board Certification logoThe Board of Legal Specialization and Education congratulates the 76 lawyers who recently earned Florida Bar board certification, which recognizes attorneys’ special knowledge, skills, and proficiency in various areas of law and professionalism and ethics in practice. Board certified lawyers are “Evaluated for Professionalism and Tested for Expertise.”

Florida’s legal ranks currently feature over 5,000 board-certified attorneys, offering expertise in 27 areas of law. With just one in 20 Florida Bar members able to call themselves “board certified,” it clearly is a crucial component in the career of any attorney looking to emerge from the crowd.

As the legal landscape grows increasingly competitive, board certified lawyers are able to use their status to set themselves apart from peers. And a growing number of Bar members are exploring board certification to help stand out in what they see as a crowded landscape.

Lawyers who recently earned board certification, include:

State and Federal Government and Administrative Practice

D. Ty Jackson, Tallahassee

Mark S Urban, Tallahassee

Brittany B Griffith, Tallahassee

Megan S. Silver, Tallahassee

Seann Michael Frazier, Tallahassee

Business Litigation

Terrance Wayne Anderson, Boca Raton

Chauncey David Cole, Miami

Matthew B. Devisse, Naples

City, County and Local Government Law

Thomas M. David, Port Charlotte

Patrick Andrew Brackins, Maitland

Cristina María Suárez, Coral Gables

Katherine Mikel Benson, Tampa

John M. Cary, Winter Park

Diana Masters Johnson, Gainesville

Michael Patrick Fuino, Clearwater

Anne Marie Morris, Clearwater

Celia Thacker Dorn, Kissimmee

Ashley N. Donnell, Clearwater

Matthew Thomas Newton, Tampa

Kristin Nicole Eick, Orlando

Warren Andrew Crawford, Bartow

Neysa Jo Borkert, Orlando

Joseph Xavier DiNovo, Big Pine Key

Construction Law

Brett A. Duker, Boca Raton

Nicholas James Elder, Jacksonville

Ryan William Owen, Sarasota

Christopher Michael Horton, Ft. Lauderdale

William F. McFetridge, Tampa

Gabriel Antonio Alonso, Miami

Casey Walker, Vero Beach

Valerie Robinson Edwards, Boca Raton

Alexander G. Leon, Miami

Virgil Tray Batcher, Tampa

Nicholas Steven Moulos, Maitland

Judson Collins Bradley, Jacksonville

Brian Keith Oblow, Tampa

Haley R. Maple, Clearwater

Natalie Catherine Larson Anderson, Port Orange

Steven Alan Nisbet, Trinity

Helen Heim Albee, Jacksonville

Criminal Trial Law

Damaris Del Valle, Miami

Sasha Pernick, Miami

Jessica Michelle Gordon, Orlando

Sara Lynn Goodin, Orlando

Kareem L. Todman, Tallahassee

David William Alexander Chee, Tampa

Stephan Michael Krejci, Orlando

Charis Davina Walker, Orlando

Lisa Michelle Figueroa, Orlando

Wills, Trusts and Estates

Benjamin Paul Shenkman, Wellington

Justin Kamp Larson, Vero Beach

Robert Thomas Carroll, Naples

Health Law

Emily Ruth Katz, Orlando

Kelly Ann Thompson, Atlantic Beach

Elizabeth Ann Scarola, St Petersburg

Frank Paul Rainer, Ft. Lauderdale

Courtney Grace Meade Tito, West Palm Beach

International Litigation & Arbitration

Ricardo Alonso Ampudia, Miami

Intellectual Property Law

Greg Matthew Popowitz, Dania Beach

Kaustubh Nadkarni, Miami

Luca Lee Hickman, Ft. Myers

Juvenile Law

Samantha Wrenn Shaw, Jacksonville

Real Estate

Laura M Licastro, Maitland

Fernando Jose Portuondo, Coral Gables

Jeffrey David Ostlie, Orlando

Steven Michael Presley, Ft. Lauderdale

Amanda Karyn Hersem, Lake Mary

Courtney Gatesman, Melbourne

Chelsea Ladd Metka, Clermont

Andrew Ignacio Aleman, Ponte Vedra Beach

Leslie Wager Hudock, Tampa

Workers’ Compensation

Jennifer S Haley-Gleason, Tallahassee

Neil A. Ambekar, Orlando

Monica Amor, Doral

Bryan Robert Greenberg, Port Charlotte

Ya’Sheaka Campbell Williams, Tampa


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