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Peter Quinter
HE MAY NOT BE ROBERT REDFORD, but Miami lawyer Peter Quinter took his own “Walk in the Woods” when he hiked 13 miles a day for 10 days along the Appalachian Trail through Maryland and Pennsylvania from August 7 through August 15, with his sister, a friend, and another Florida Bar member, Marvin Pastel. On the trail, everyone gets a trail name. While Pastel was called “Silver Fox,” Quinter was known as “Maverick.” “It goes with my personality. I don’t go with the herd. I think for myself. I do my own thing,” said the former chair of the Bar’s International Law Section. Shown here refilling his water bottle from the stream north of Caledonia State Park, “Maverick” allowed himself to return to “lawyer mode” twice a day. “Even though I was sitting on the trail and drenched in sweat and hungry, I turned my cell phone on twice a day,” Quinter said.

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