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All 20 circuits’ civil case management administrative orders are now just a click away

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Florida courtsChief Justice Charles Canady recently ordered all circuit chief judges to develop local administrative orders to expedite the resolution of outstanding civil cases.

Those orders, which required the review of all civil cases and sorting them into categories to determine how they will be handled, became effective April 30.

Now, the Office of the State Courts Administrator has compiled a comprehensive list of all the civil case management administrative orders filed by the state’s 20 chief judges. The orders from across the state may be found here.

“People are going to have to understand that when they come to court…they need to be ready to go,” Chief Justice Canady said at a recent Zoom town hall meeting for Bar members. “If they’re not ready to do that, then they probably shouldn’t be filing a complaint.”

On May 6, Canady also amended orders issued during the pandemic to end restrictions to enter and move through public parts of courthouses throughout the state. The amended orders keep in place mask and distancing requirements during in-person courtroom proceedings only.

“As you know, for more than a year we have taken steps to safely operate the judicial branch using safeguards dictated by changing health conditions and evolving best practices,” Chief Justice Canady said. “The changes I make today reflect the current state of the pandemic while maintaining appropriate safeguards as we move toward the time when all Floridians eligible for vaccination will have had the opportunity to become fully vaccinated.”

The orders govern  govern health and safety precautionsemergency measures for trial courts, and emergency measures for appellate courts.

“Beyond the changes that I am now making that affect courthouse operations outside of in-person court proceedings, I expect that in the not-too-distant future modifications of the protocols now in place for in-person court proceedings will be adopted so that we can move our court rooms back to more normal operations,” Canady said.

All state court coronavirus emergency orders and advisories are linked on the Florida Supreme Court’s website:

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