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All legislative positions to sunset

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A ll legislative positions to sunset

With end of the 2014-16 legislative biennium, all Bar, section, and committee positions will expire.

Legislation Committee Chair Michael Tanner reported to the Board of Governors in May that “the 2016-18 biennium will commence this fall when the newly elected Legislature has its organizational session on November 22.”

“In keeping with Standing Board Policy 9.20(d), all legislative positions of The Florida Bar and ITS constituent groups are sunsetted at the July meeting of this board,” Tanner said. “Those groups that are funded by voluntary dues, as are the sections and Out of State Division, have been notified and asked to let the [Bar’s] governmental affairs office know if they wish to reassert any of those. If they are, the practice has been to sunset those at the July meeting and then immediately ask for your approval to reactivate them, essentially roll them over.”

“With the big Bar, and the YLD, which are funded by mandatory dues, the practice has been to sunset those and not to immediately reactivate them and to build the platform later in the year.”

Tanner noted that board member Gary Lesser will chair the Legislation Committee for the 2016-17 Bar year.

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