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Appellate Practice Section donates $50,000 to the Foundation

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Appellate Practice Section donation event
FLORIDA BAR FOUNDATION CEO Bruce Blackwell, left, and President Donny MacKenzie, center, accept a $50,000 check from Appellate Practice Section Chair Christopher V. Carlyle, second from right. With them are past Appellate Practice Section Chair Hala Sandridge and Judge Edwin A. Scales III of the Third District Court of Appeal who are Florida Bar Foundation board members.

Appellate Practice Section donates $50,000 to the Foundation

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The Appellate Practice Section donated $50,000 to The Florida Bar Foundation, joining other Bar sections that have dedicated a portion of their reserves to supporting access to justice.

The section’s executive council discussed the donation at its September 10 meeting, where Foundation board members Judge Edwin A. Scales III and Senior Judge Emerson R. Thompson, Jr., spoke of the need and answered questions.

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Christopher V. Carlyle, chair of the Appellate Practice Section, wanted the donation to be fast-tracked, a desire the executive council supported. Carlyle presented the check at the Foundation’s September 18 board meeting.

“I’m proud that the executive council of the Appellate Practice Section voted unanimously to make a donation of $50,000 to The Florida Bar Foundation,” Carlyle said. “Although we are not a large section, we’re fortunate to be in a position to help the Foundation with the critical work of providing access to justice. We’re honored to be able to assist the Foundation with its important work.”

Hala A. Sandridge, a past Appellate Practice Section chair and a member of The Florida Bar Foundation board, said the donation is a “natural outgrowth” of the section’s pro bono support.

“I’m not surprised that the Appellate Practice Section heeded Chief Justice Labarga’s call to action to ensure access to justice,” Sandridge said. “For years, section members have donated countless hours to pro bono matters.”

In recent years, Bar sections have contributed a total of $888,234 to the Foundation. A large portion of these donations came from the Young Lawyers Division, Trial Lawyers Section, Family Law Section, Business Law Section, Criminal Law Section, and Real Property, Probate, & Trust Law Section.

“We’re grateful to the Appellate Practice Section for its generous donation, and for all the donations we’ve received to date from Bar sections,” Foundation CEO Bruce Blackwell said. “While we have had to cut our legal aid grantees right to the core, these contributions have greatly contributed to the good work that is still being done around the state by those committed advocates who remain, and who are determined to continue serving those with no other recourse.”

Leyanis Martinez is an intern from the University of Central Florida’s Nicholson School of Communication assigned to The Florida Bar Foundation.

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