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Bar, Legal Talk team up to launch the official Florida Bar Podcast

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Lawyers may now receive information, education, and updates through the monthly Bar podcast

Greg Coleman sits down with the Legal Talk Network’s Adriana Linares at the Winter Meeting to discuss the new Practice Resource Institute
BAR PRESIDENT GREG COLEMAN sat down with the Legal Talk Network’s Adriana Linares at the Winter Meeting to discuss the new Practice Resource Institute, upcoming events, and member benefits on the podcast. “Through PRI and the podcast we are continuing to find new, effective ways to educate and engage with our members,” Coleman said. “I hope every member of the Bar becomes a regular listener. It’s going to be a great way to keep on top of what is happening in legal technology and practice management.”

During the recent 2015 Florida Bar Winter Meeting, The Florida Bar’s Practice Resource Institute (PRI) and Legal Talk Network officially launched The Florida Bar Podcast.

Producers and host Adriana Linares were on site interviewing Bar leaders about the event and what to expect in the coming year. These reports were released in addition to the monthly episodes provided by The Florida Bar Podcast, which will continue to discuss benefits, provide information and news to members, and focus on educational curriculum and events.

“I’m excited about The Florida Bar Podcast because it gives members another way to easily get information, ideas, and resources to better run their business,” said Bar President Greg Coleman. “Partnering with Legal Talk Network was a great way to make that happen, and Adriana is an exceptional host and really driven to make this podcast as valuable as possible,”

Podcasts recorded at the Winter Meeting included:

* Shawn Vincent on social media and the Zimmerman case.

* Sean Desmond on the Bar’s Annual Convention in June.

* Michelle Suskauer on the Disciplinary Review Committee.

* Liz McCausland, Melanie Gri ffin, and Barbara Leach on balancing your career with bar involvement.

* Jennifer Kuyrkendall on technology and leadership.

* John Stewart on the Annual Technology Conference.

* Renée Thompson on leadership and involvement.

* Joseph Corsmeier on legal technology ethics.

* Ethan Wall on responsible social media use for lawyers.

* Craig Ball on electronic evidence challenges.

* Peter Sweeney on technology and member benefits.

“We are pleased to partner with The Florida Bar to help them provide information to their members and are proud to see a bar organization embracing this technology,” Adam Camras, of Legal Talk Network, said.


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