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Barry Law sweeps Florida Justice Association’s Mock Trial Competition

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Barry Law Trial TeamBarry Law’s Trial Team took the top two spots at the recent Florida Justice Association’s Mock Trial Competition in Jacksonville. Weeks of preparation paid off with a Barry Law vs. Barry Law final round, with the plaintiff team edging out the defense team with a 2-to-1 ballot victory. The teams were coached by Barry Law Trial Team alumni Chris Gonsalves and Judge Mike Kraynick. The plaintiff team consisted of Courtney Crossley and Jonathan Vega as attorneys, with Jonacé Telfer and Matthew Keller as witnesses. The defense team featured Hannah Shanley and Luke Dill as attorneys, with Amal Aoun and Cameron Bullock, as witnesses. In addition, Telfer and Bullock were two of the top best advocates, and Shanley won the Best Advocate Award for the overall competition.

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