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Bar’s Citizens Advisory Committee makes it easier for nonlawyers to volunteer for appointments

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Volunteer OpportunitiesTo involve more Floridians in the state’s legal and justice systems, The Florida Bar’s Citizens Advisory Committee has compiled information, links, and contacts of more than a dozen ways nonlawyer volunteers may apply for appointments. These resources are posted at

While they cannot practice law, there are more than a dozen ways that Floridians who are not lawyers can get involved in the state’s legal and justice systems. The Florida Bar’s Citizens Advisory Committee has compiled this list on a new webpage at, which includes information, links, and contacts to make it easy to participate.

The page features descriptions of the types of volunteer service, estimates of time commitments, meeting and travel requirements, and application information. Members of the advisory committee collected the information from the various organizations to provide for informational purposes only. Interested persons should use the links and contacts listed to seek additional details.

Opportunities range from applying to be certified mediators, governing board members, and guardians ad litem, to appointed positions on Florida Bar committees and commissions.

“As non-lawyers serving on the Bar’s advisory committee, we are grateful that these volunteers felt it was important for other Floridians to know that they too can become involved in our legal and justice systems,” said Florida Bar President Dori Foster-Morales. “Our third branch of state government exists to provide justice for all and there are many ways to help fellow citizens resolve legal issues and seek justice.”

Included among the opportunities are several Florida Bar committees, including local grievance committees that investigate complaints against lawyers. Those committees are composed of at least one-third non-lawyers. The Florida Bar also has two public member voting seats on its Board of Governors. Some of the Bar-related positions are appointed by the Florida Supreme Court.

Several of the listed volunteer positions are appointed by the governor, including members of the Judicial Qualifications Commission and the 26 judicial nominating commissions across the state.

Other opportunities are for administrative, program, and advocacy positions based on the skills and interests of the volunteers.

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