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Bill would require ignition interlock devices for those who refuse the breathalyzer

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Rep. Traci Koster

Rep. Traci Koster

Motorists who refuse a breathalyzer test would be forced to install an ignition interlock device on their vehicles, in addition to an existing one-year driver license suspension, under a measure filed by a Southwest Florida lawmaker who is also an attorney.

Rep. Traci Koster, R-Tampa, filed HB 197 on January 12.  There is no companion, and the measure has yet to receive committee references.

Under the measure, any motorist who refuses to submit to a breath test would be required to place, at their expense, an ignition interlock device on any vehicle or vehicles “that are individually or jointly leased or owned and routinely operated” by the person.

The new requirement would be in addition to an existing one-year license suspension. First-time refusers would be required to install the device for a year. A second refusal would trigger an 18-month installation of an ignition interlock.

In addition to the new interlock requirement, the measure would also impose a one-year license suspension for motorists who refuse to submit to a urinalysis and an 18-month suspension for a second refusal.

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