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Board of Governors nominating petitions are due December 15


The Florida Bar Gold SealNominating petitions for the 2022 election for the Board of Governors of The Florida Bar must be received in The Florida Bar headquarters office on or before 5 p.m., December 15. All of the board positions are for two-year terms.

Executive Director Joshua E. Doyle on October 1 certified to John A. Tomasino, clerk of the Supreme Court, the number of members of The Florida Bar in good standing in each of Florida’s 20 judicial circuits and outside the State of Florida, and the number of circuit representatives based on the apportionment formula set forth in Rule 2-3.3, Rules Regulating The Florida Bar.

Pursuant to Rule 2-3.4(b), incumbent board members must advise the executive director of their intention to seek reelection to a new term. All the incumbent board members listed below are seeking reelection.

Nominating petitions for the Board of Governors must be signed by no fewer than five members in good standing whose official Bar address is in the same judicial circuit (or out-of-state, if applicable) as the nominee.

Election ballots will be emailed or mailed on or before March 1, and voted ballots must be received prior to midnight EST, March 22.

Board of Governors Nominating Petition

Board of Governors Nominating Petition (Out-of-State)

Present Board of Governors members whose terms are expiring on June 24, include:

Jeremy Branning, First Circuit, Seat 1, elected in 2018

Melissa VanSickle, Second Seat 2, elected in 2016

Kris B. Robinson, Third Circuit, Seat 1, elected in 2020

Michael Fox Orr, Fourth Circuit, Seat 1, elected in 2018

Joshua T. Chilson, Sixth Circuit, Seat 1, elected in 2016

Philip J. Bonamo, Seventh Circuit, Seat 1, elected in 2020

Thomas P. Wert, Ninth Circuit, Seat 1, elected in 2018

Tad Allen Yates, Ninth Circuit, Seat 3, elected in 2020

C. Richard Nail 10th Circuit, Seat 1, elected in 2010

Roland Sanchez-Medina, Jr., 11th Circuit, Seat 1, elected in 2014

Jordan A. Dresnick, 11th Circuit, Seat 3, elected in 2018

Jeffrey Rynor, 11th Circuit, Seat 5, elected in 2018

Alice K. Sum, 11th Circuit, Seat 7, elected in 2020

Kenneth G. Turkel, 13th Circuit, Seat 1, elected in 2020

Paige A. Greenlee, 13th Circuit, Seat 4,elected in  2018

Clifford C. Higby, 14th Circuit, Seat 1, elected in 2019

R. Sia Baker-Barnes, 15th Circuit, Seat 1, elected in 2018

Robin I. Bresky, 15th Circuit, Seat 3, elected in 2017

Jay Kim, 17th Circuit, Seat 1, elected in 2016

Hilary Creary, 17th Circuit, Seat 4, elected in 2018

James G. Vickaryous, 18th Circuit, Seat 1, elected in 2018

Laird A. Lile, 20th Circuit, Seat 1, elected in 2006

Donald A. Workman, Out-of-State, Seat 2, elected in 2021

Brian D. Burgoon, Out-of-State, Seat 4, elected in 2000

All the incumbents listed above are seeking reelection.

Nominating petitions must be completed and returned to the Bar by December 15. They may be emailed to [email protected]  or mailed to Joshua E. Doyle, Executive Director, The Florida Bar, 651 E. Jefferson St., Tallahassee 32399-2300.


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