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Calling lawyer authors

December 1, 2012 Regular News

Calling lawyer authors

New column will highlight lawyers who write books

Florida lawyers are taking pen in hand (or, perhaps more accurately, skipping their fingers over computer keyboards) and turning out an impressive library of books. Over the years, the News has seen books on religious philosophy, children’s stories, a wide range of fiction, the Bible and the death penalty, photo essays, and how-to books for both lawyers and clients. And that’s only a small sampling.

Unfortunately, there are too many books to review in the Journal or write a story in the News. Publication of books has been covered in the News and Notes columns in the News. Now, though, it seems time for special recognition when a Bar members adds the title of “author” to that of lawyer.

Consequently, the News is beginning a new designation of “Literary Lawyers.” To get started, the News welcomes submissions by Bar members who have published books within the past year or two, as well as those who are publishing now.

Submissions should include the name of the lawyer/author and optionally the lawyer’s firm name and home city. Next provide the title of the book and what category the book falls into, if that is not clear from the title. i.e., Horton Sheckleback of Fishers & Hornpipe, P.A., in Lake Wales has published Melodic Messengers, a history of penny whistles in Irish music.

Then, provide a concise summary in about 40 words about the book: Melodic Messengers tells how the penny whistle has influenced the development of Irish music and its rich tradition in jigs, reels, hornpipes, and aires since the 1600s.

Finally, say where the book can be purchased, including online or book stores and in printed and electronic versions. That may include the author’s website.

Send submissions to [email protected].

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