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Clerk clinics will help restore drivers licenses

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Green lightMost of Florida’s clerks of court will be participating in a program during the week of October 12-19 to help Floridians with unpaid court tickets, fines, fees, and costs get their drivers licenses back.

Called Operation Green Light, the program will have Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles officials and equipment, able to print new licenses for those who qualify, at many sites.

At least 59 of Florida’s 67 clerks of court will be participating.

In the state of Florida, when court fees and fines go unpaid, driver licenses are suspended or revoked as a penalty, resulting in thousands of suspended licenses each year. Operation Green Light was created as a proactive initiative to assist residents in tackling outstanding fees and fines and regaining their driver licenses.

“Clerks want to help as many people as possible regain control over this aspect of their lives and get back on the road,” said Stacy Butterfield, Polk County Clerk of Court and Florida Court Clerks & Comptrollers president. “People might not realize they have existing fines stacking up, making it harder to get back their driver license. Operation Green Light is an opportunity to provide support in helping Floridians take care of their outstanding court financial obligations and get their driving privileges back.”

Florida law requires clerks to turn over unpaid tickets and other outstanding court fines and fees to an outside collection agency if the debt is not paid within 90 days of the due date. As court fees accrue, collection agency fees increase. Over time, these fees can become daunting and insurmountable for people to pay. During Operation Green Light, many local clerks will work with individuals to lower collection agency fees and pay back their outstanding court obligations, helping Floridians get back on the road.

A list of participating clerks and program locations and hours can be found at

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