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Cooley Law School unveils new branding at launch party

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Cooley Law School students

Cooley Law School students enjoy festivities at the law school’s rebranding event at its Tampa Bay campus

Cooley Law School recently unveiled their new branding with a social event at the law school’s Tampa Bay campus.

The school’s new branding focuses on reintegrating Cooley’s mission and vision, along with the development of three pillars – readiness, preparation, and community – informed by months of research that included surveys, market analysis, focus groups, and workshops, according to the school.

“With this important process, we are reclaiming our past successes as we continue to build our brighter future,” said Cooley Law School President and Dean James McGrath. “We are putting Cooley into perspective for people who don’t really know us. We are telling the world: We know where we have been, we know where we are going, and we know who we are.

“We’re proud to be a law school that provides our students with a rigorous academic experience – while integrating real-world practice, all guided by a faculty of accomplished experts and scholars,” McGrath continued. “Our access mission drives our support for our students – and our graduates – to become leaders who will also reflect the communities they will serve.”

The law school says as part of the readiness pillar, Cooley’s curriculum continues to “blend traditional legal principles with leading-edge practices, focusing on real-world application to prepare students to emerge not only practice-ready but future-ready. The preparation pillar intends to facilitate a rigorous and hands-on classroom experience, including legal clinics and externships, taught and mentored by experienced faculty who are experts in their fields. The final pillar, community, draws strength from the diverse backgrounds and experiences of students, faculty, staff, and alumni. The supportive and engaging environment fosters teamwork and will continue to prepare students for real-world legal collaboration.”


“Ours is a story of transformation,” said Paul Zelenski, senior vice president and associate dean of administration, enrollment, and student services. “What I love about this place is our ability to adapt and move forward.  Our emerging brand reflects our values, and our personality as we look to the future, and what kind of law school we want to be and should be as we prepare future ready attorneys.”

Colby Weron, president of the law school’s Student Bar Association in Tampa, shared: “Our entire rebrand is focused on future ready. And that’s something that a lot of people question what does that truly mean as students? You have to search for answers. You are given the tools and resources here through Cooley to be able to go out and utilizes those skills and practices to be the future practice ready attorney while still learning. Every day we are enhancing upon our skills and learning to be the best advocates that we are.”


The rebrand launch party ushered in a new era of Cooley Law School, looking ahead to the future and honored the legacy of the school. During the event, attendees enjoyed a food truck, ice cream, and giveaways.

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