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Court electronic filings stay at a high level for June

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Florida Courts E-Filing AuthorityFlorida courts saw records for electronically filed documents and for monthly and average daily electronic submissions through the statewide e-filing Portal, according to data from the Florida Courts E-Filing Authority.

The information continues a trend in rising filings since the COVID-19 pandemic case numbers began easing in the spring, greater numbers of Floridians have become vaccinated, and court operations have begun to return to normal, including in-person court proceedings and jury trials.

According to the numbers, there were almost 1.893 million submissions for June, eclipsing the previous record of 1.802 million submissions from March. Those submissions contained 2.787 million individual documents, passing the previous record of 2.69 million also from March.

The average number of weekday submissions hit 88,131, surpassing the previous record from May of 86,272, and the highest volume day was June 30, with 95,003 submissions. That passed the previous single day record of November 16, 2020, with 95,617 submissions.

There were 114,248 new cases begun in June, that was down from the record 123,476 new cases filed in May. Overall, new cases for the past four months have not been less than 110,000 per month while previously no month has passed the 100,000 mark. The peak hourly filings also set a record at 10,171 for the 3-4 p.m. time slot. The previous record was 9,788 for May.

Of the total submissions, 1.88 million went to the trial courts, 10,628 went to the district courts of appeal, and 472 went to the Supreme Court. Not quite 1,700 went to state agencies, including the Bureau of Vital Statistics and the Department of Corrections.

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