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Department of Revenue amends and creates new forms of interest to the profession

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Florida Department of RevenueThe Department of Revenue announces that amendments to four forms, the creation of three forms, and the forms index in Rule 12D-16, Florida Administrative Code, are effective January 1, 2023.

The amended and new forms are available on the Department of Revenue’s website.

The Department of Revenue amended the following forms:

  • DR-482, Application and Return for Agricultural Classification of Lands
  • DR-486, Petition to the Value Adjustment Board – Request for Hearing
  • DR-490, Notice of Disapproval of Application for Property Tax Exemption or Classification by the County Property Appraiser
  • DR-501, Original Application for Homestead and Related Tax Exemptions

The following forms were created:

  • DR-465, Application for Catastrophic Event Tax Refund
  • DR-485C, Decision of the Value Adjustment Board – Catastrophic Event Tax Refund
  • DR-522, Report of Total Reductions in Taxes from Catastrophic Events

Information about the rules and forms is posted to the Departments Proposed Rule webpage here. Go to the Property Tax Proposed Rules section to find the link to 2022 Legislation page.

The form revisions supersede any alternative forms previously approved, according to the Department. If you have an alternate form that the department approved before this effective date, the department caution that you review your form to ensure compliance with the amended form. If you find you need a new alternate form, send your requests to [email protected].

All effective rules for property tax are on the Department of State’s website.

Also refer to the communication sent on December 22 in reference to Emergency Rule 12DER22-13, that adopted and incorporated Form DR-5001, Application for Hurricane Ian or Hurricane Nicole Tax Refund. This form is now posted to the PTO Forms page for providing property tax relief for residential properties rendered uninhabitable for 30 days or more due to Hurricane Ian or Hurricane Nicole.

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