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Diner recognizes lawyers for their service to the profession

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Diner recognizes lawyers for their service to the profession

Each year, The Florida Bar President has an opportunity to recognize a few outstanding individuals who have provided distinguished service to the Bar, to the legal profession, and to the justice system by bestowing the President’s Award of Merit.

Outgoing Bar President Jesse Diner chose Andrew Sasso, a Board of Governors member from Clearwater; Murray Silverstein, a Board of Governors member from Tampa; and Howard Talenfeld, a Ft. Lauderdale attorney who chaired the Bar’s Legal Needs of Children Committee, to receive this year’s President’s Awards.

Andy Sasso:

“Andy is always there to serve without fanfare and in an understated way. If there is a job to be done, Andy is there to do it,” Diner said.

The plaque reads:

“For your dedicated leadership on The Florida Bar Board of Governors and your many significant contributions to The Florida Bar, to all Bar members and to the clients we serve, and to acknowledge your steadfast, dependable and thorough work on a myriad of Bar issues, particularly your efforts on behalf of the Disciplinary Procedure Committee; and in recognition that you always endeavor to serve The Florida Bar to the best of your ability and for the benefit of all involved.”

Murray Silverstein:
“Murray is thorough, direct, and dedicated to bringing our lawyers and our court system forward with technology,” Diner said.

The plaque reads:

“For your outstanding service as The Florida Bar representative on the Florida Courts Technology Commission, and in recognition of your dedication to the implementation of electronic filing to improve public access to court records and the efficiency of the court system while protecting the confidentiality and the privacy of clients, and for your continued advocacy for the education of attorneys and the public, including pro se parties, about how the e-filing system will work and how to use it. Your efforts and contributions to court technology and e-filing deserve the highest praise and most sincere gratitude of the entire Florida legal profession.”

Howard Talenfeld:

“Last year when I made the appointments for committee chairs, I asked Howard to chair the Legal Needs of Children Committee. And I asked Howard to see if consensus could be made to bring forward an effort with regard to representation of children in dependency situations,” Diner said.

“Howard worked long and hard to build consensus. And after nine iterations of proposed legislation, it came forward to the Board of Governors, and it was adopted in December as a Florida Bar position on the legal needs of children.”

The plaque reads:

“In grateful recognition of your dedication and leadership to The Florida Bar and the Legal Needs of Children Committee in 2009-10, and for your diligence in advancing the 2002 recommendations of The Florida Bar Commission on the Legal Needs of Children, and for your resolute commitment and your steadfast diplomacy in building consensus among children’s advocates to proffer a comprehensive model for the legal representation of children, recognizing that children deserve the same zealous advocacy that adult clients expect of their lawyers. Your devotion to and passion for children and their well-being are worthy of the highest commendation by your colleagues and our most sincere thanks.”

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