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DiveBar assists the University of Miami RJ Dunlap Marine Conservation Program

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DiveBar crew/Christine Shepard/RJ Dunlap Marine Conservation Program

DIVEBAR PRESIDENT DAVID BLACK, left, takes the measurements of a blacktip shark with the assistance of Dr. Neil Hammerschlag and his team from the University of Miami RJ Dunlap Marine Conservation Program. The DiveBar crew recently got to play scientists for the day in the waters around Islamorada, conducting physiological tests on and helping to catch, tag, and release two bull sharks and four blacktip sharks. The DiveBar also donated $2,500 to adopt a shark and purchase its satellite shark tag, which will provide the RJ Dunlap Marine Conservation Program with information about the shark’s activities. The DiveBar then conducted a drawing for the chance to tag and name the shark. Jonathan Cohen won the drawing and enjoyed his shark-tagging adventure in early May. Cohen named the great hammerhead after former NFL quarterback Ron Jaworski, who is known by the nickname “Jaws.” For more information on the RJ Dunlap Marine Conservation Program, visit

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