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Entries sought for Equity and Achievement awards

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The National Consortium on Racial and Ethnic Fairness in the Courts is seeking nominations for its Equity Award, meant to recognize either a distinguished lifetime of contributions or a singular, exceptional contribution to the goal of advancing and preserving a court system that is free of racial and ethnic bias and fair to all participants.

In making its decision, the selection committee will consider each nominee’s overall efforts and accomplishments in promoting racial and ethnic fairness and impartiality in the courts, the legal profession, and the law enforcement community.  The committee will consider a record of exceptional contribution during the period immediately preceding the award as well as contributions made over a professional lifetime in the following areas:

  • Eliminating bias from court operations;
  • Promoting equal access to the courts;
  • Inspiring a high level of trust and public confidence in the courts;
  • Supporting independent commissions in the examination of racial and ethnic fairness within their courts;
  • Integrating evidence-based practices within the courts, the legal community, or law enforcement to advance court reforms; and
  • Educating members of the court, the legal profession, the law enforcement community, and the public concerning racial and ethnic fairness in the courts.

The nomination package must be received no later than April 1. For more information, contact Kimberley Taylor-Riley at [email protected]

The Equity Award will be presented during the 2019 National Consortium Annual Conference in Miami May 19-22.  Conference Registration information is available on