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FLMIC resource examines COVID-19 malpractice ‘danger zones’

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FLMIC Malpractice Danger ZonesFlorida Lawyers Mutual Insurance Co. (FLMIC) has published a new online resource that examines the malpractice “danger zones” for Florida lawyers during the pandemic.

“5 Legal Malpractice Danger Zones for FL Lawyers During COVID-19” addresses several practices that may be increasingly common during the pandemic but which may trigger red alerts from a risk management perspective: expanding into new practice areas, navigating deadline extensions, giving COVID-19 legal advice, and using a home Wi-Fi network without adequate security measures, among others, according to FLMIC, a company originally created by The Florida Bar.

“FLMIC is here to help Florida lawyers anticipate and mitigate risk throughout this pandemic and its accompanying changes to lawyers’ work life,” the company said. “We believe this latest resource will help attorneys keep best practices top-of-mind.”

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