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Florida Bar Tech Helpline earns high marks

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Florida Bar Tech HelplineThe Florida Bar Tech Helpline is continuing to earn high marks for customer satisfaction, according to a June survey.

“Excellent communication and assistance,” read one anonymous response. “Outstanding. Thank you.”

Hoping to help members navigate the pandemic, the Board of Governors recruited LawTech Partners to conduct a three-month beta test of a non-emergency, remote tech service in 2021. After the test proved successful, the Tech Helpline was added to the LegalFuel and Member Benefits Program offerings in February 2022. Promoted largely to solo and small-firm practitioners, the Tech Helpline offers routine remote service, including operating systems support, basic troubleshooting, and help with home and remote office setup.

Of the 35 Tech Helpline users who responded to the survey, 100% reported being “very/somewhat satisfied” with the quality of advice provided by the advisor.

Nearly as many, 97%, said they would use the service again should the need arise.

“The advisor was amazing and helped me clear out space on my computer so I could conduct business again,” another user wrote. “Huge help. Amazing resource.”

Most of the responses, 66%, were from sole practitioners. Another 23% worked in firms of two to five attorneys. Three were in firms of six to 10 attorneys, and three were in firms of 11 to 20 attorneys. Six worked in firms with 20 or more attorneys.

Nearly half of the respondents, 49%, reported that their firms use an outside consultant or technology support group. Just 9% reported that their firms have an IT staff or department.

Asked where they would have gone for help otherwise, 74% said an outside consultant. Another 40% said they would have surfed the internet or looked at websites.

Nearly all the respondents, 97%, reported being “very/somewhat satisfied” with the advisor’s “professionalism.” However, another 3% reported being “very/somewhat dissatisfied” with the advisor’s professionalism.

The service may be accessed at LawTech Partners, then follow the prompts. Members seeking assistance from the Tech Helpline will be required to acknowledge that The Florida Bar provides access to the service as a member benefit but the service and support are performed solely by LawTech Partners.

Members should understand that this is not an emergency service. Emergency issues related to court filings with immediate deadlines, or technical emergencies, will not be addressed. Members should not contact the Tech Helpline for emergency software issues, hardware or device failures, interruptions of service, or a loss of power or internet services (they should contact the related service provider).

Members will provide contact information, including their Florida Bar number, and will sign an online waiver and release before the consultation begins. They will provide a clear, specific description of the problem or request, including any error messages received as well as a description of the device (desktop or laptop, printer, scanner/copier, etc.).

Members will acknowledge that by contacting the Tech Helpline, as the attorney, they have the ultimate responsibility to take reasonable steps to protect client confidentiality and ensure that other issues (like those that might arise under Rule 4-5.3, Rules Regulating The Florida Bar) are not created. Before a remote session begins, members should ensure that any confidential information, data, or images are not visible to LawTech Partners. Members also have sole responsibility to ensure compliance with all HIPAA-related laws or statutes.

The service is typically available Monday through Friday, 9 to 5, but hours of operation are subject to change. Any modifications to the schedule or planned downtime are posted to the Tech Helpline webpage.

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