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Florida delegation attends Legal Services Corporation’s 50th Anniversary Gala

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LSC event

The Florida delegation representing the Florida LSC programs:  Bay Area Legal Services, Coast to Coast Legal Aid of South Florida, Legal Services of Greater Miami, Community Legal Services, Three Rivers Legal Services, Legal Services of North Florida, and Florida Rural Legal Services.

For five decades, Legal Services Corporation (LSC), has been a beacon of hope, ensuring that the promise of justice is not just a privilege for the few but a right for all. Through its commitment, millions have gained access to legal resources, transforming lives, and strengthening communities.

As one of the key funders for legal aid organizations across the country, LSC’s contributions have empowered advocates within the seven LSC-funded legal aids in Florida to make a significant impact on the lives of clients across the state of Florida.

The 50th Anniversary Gala, held on April 8, was an occasion that brought together legal aid leaders from across the county. Leaders from LSC funded Legal Aids across Florida attended LSC’s Gala in Washington D.C. While in D.C., they also meet with their representatives in Congress to further advocate for accessible legal systems and on critical issues such as fair housing, veterans’ benefits, and domestic violence. Speakers at the Gala included U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts, Jr., and U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland.

“Equal access to justice in turn depends on the work and expertise of LSC and its grantees — the thousands of professionals who do the difficult and demanding work of providing legal services to those in need,” Attorney General Garland said. “Too many Americans still cannot afford legal services, and for too many Americans, not being able to afford a lawyer means the difference between providing for their families or losing their jobs, having a roof over their head or losing their home, putting food on the table or going hungry.”

All 130 LSC funded programs were represented at the Gala.

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