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Florida firm turns to treadmill desks

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Dawn Maselli strolling as she works

LONG HOURS REQUIRED IN THE PROFESSION often lead to a sedentary lifestyle, but Associates and Bruce L. Scheiner, Attorneys for the Injured, is offering its employees an alternative. Throughout the firm’s Ft. Myers offices are “treadmill desks” — work stations where attorneys and other staff can walk or jog while accomplishing tasks. “The employees of this firm dedicate so much time and energy to their work, so it’s important for them to know their health is our utmost concern,” P.J. Scheiner said. “Doctors say prolonged sitting is the new smoking. The dangers are well-documented, but treadmill desks give us an opportunity to combat them.” People who sit for more than eight hours a day with no physical activity are at about the same level of risk of developing a fatal condition as those who smoke, an analysis of 13 studies showed, according to the Mayo Clinic. Cognizant of how movement can offset that hazard, a trial consultant introduced Scheiner to the treadmill desks a few years ago and the idea caught on. The firm set up two shared treadmill desks and accommodated workers who asked for treadmill desks in their own offices. Scheiner said he writes his emails on a treadmill desk and will do editing work. “Surprisingly, it’s not difficult,” Scheiner said. “Everybody has a natural cadence or pace. Taking the steps becomes second nature.” Pictured is Dawn Maselli strolling as she works.

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