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Board Certification logoThe Board of Legal Specialization and Education congratulates the 60 lawyers who recently earned Florida Bar board certification, which recognizes attorneys’ special knowledge, skills, and proficiency in various areas of law and professionalism and ethics in practice. Board certified lawyers are “Evaluated for Professionalism and Tested for Expertise.”

Only about 7% of Florida’s more than 107,000 lawyers have earned board certification. Florida offers 27 specialty areas for board certification, more than any other state.

Lawyers who earned board certification in 2020:

Admiralty and Maritime Law

Gino J. Buttó, Coral Gables

Robert Alan Amicone, Lake Buena Vista

Appellate Practice

Kimberly Kanoff Berman, Fort Lauderdale

Thomasina Moore, Tallahassee

Eric Marc Levine, West Palm Beach

Meredith Kempler Hall, Bradenton

Amy Marie Wessel, Fort Lauderdale

Brian Carson Tackenberg, Key Biscayne

John Andrew Crawford, Saint Petersburg

Sarah Todd Weitz, Fort Lauderdale

Elizabeth Siano Harris, Mims

Mary Hope Keating, Tallahassee

Aviation Law

Richard Paul Morris, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Condominium and Planned Development Law

Katherine Hurst Miller, New Smyrna Beach

Alejandro Isaac Alonso, Plantation

Danielle Marie Brennan, Palm Beach Gardens

Alexandra Marcella Amador, Ponte Vedra Beach

James Joseph Roche, Ponte Vedra Beach

Civil Trial

Anthony Manuel Lopez, Miami

Ramon A. Castillo, Orlando

Kelly Jeanne McAuley, Tampa

David Michael Borrego, Tampa

Tyler B. Everett, Tallahassee

Michael John Wood, Plantation

Jessica Megan Bowen-Hentges, Tallahassee

Jordan M. Kirby, Plantation

William Eric Fasking, Orlando

Brent Matthew Reitman, Fort Lauderdale

David Fernando Garcia, Coconut Grove

Meranda M. Reifschneider, Miami

John David McBride, Tampa

Christopher Paul Janes, Pensacola

Anthony Accetta, Coral Gables

Allen Sims McConnaughhay, Tallahassee

Jason Lowell Odom, Vero Beach

Bonita Ann Herrmann-Navin, Plantation

Brian Michael Beason, Port Charlotte

Morgan Barfield, Tampa

Maximo Alexander Santiago, Coconut Grove

Christopher Nemat Shakib, Jacksonville

Paul Robert Cavonis, Seminole

Jennifer L. Rosinski, Sunrise

Allison Haney Bruck, Miami

Elder Law

Dana Clark Kemper, Brandon

Kole Joseph Long, Clearwater

Matthew David Barry, Sarasota

Danielle Rachelle Faller, Brandon

Education Law

Sara M. Marken, Miami

Marital and Family Law

Andrew Scott Lieberman, Boca Raton

Peter John Trombadore, Boca Raton

Kelly Michelle Albanese, Tampa

Christie Guerrero, Jacksonville

International Law

Grant Stanton Smith, Miami

Immigration and Nationality Law

William Michael Cavanaugh, West Palm Beach

Labor and Employment Law

Angeli Murthy, Plantation

Bret Carson Yaw, Orlando

Ronald Paul Angerer, Jacksonville

Tax Law

Kyle McMullin Johnson, Jacksonville

D. Kent Sausaman, Jacksonville

Matthew Jordan Scheer, West Palm Beach

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