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Florida State Courts redesigns website, adds features reflecting user priorities

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OSCA logoFlorida’s State Courts System has a new, user-focused website with a sleek look and improved accessibility. A wealth of information is available with a clean design focused on delivering answers and built around a powerful search tool on

“Our website is our front porch, where we welcome people who need help and information and give them entry to all the resources we have available,” said State Courts Administrator Lisa Kiel. “In many ways, is how we most effectively deliver in support of the judicial branch.”

Designing and building the new site was guided by user-generated data. Most prominent on the website is content sought most frequently. For example, Supreme Court-approved family law forms, downloaded more than 2 million times a year and the most sought-after content on the site, are front and center. The home page’s pared-down elements offer ready access to other top destinations such as trial court location information, self-help resources, and court statistics, according to the Office of the State Courts Administrator.

In addition to the steady audience seeking standard information responsible for more than 140,000 unique visitors a month, traffic on the site spikes in times of emergency such as hurricanes or public-health crises. The new design puts high-interest information at the top of the page, with most recent available updates accessible and visible.

This streamlined design does not limit the deep trove of content, however, because of the powerful search capabilities now featured. With elements of dynamic artificial intelligence, the search function delivers more accurately what users seek. Responses are further refined with use, so searches will become even more effective with every query.

The new website is highlighted by a new logo for the Office of the State Courts Administrator. Its design reflects the judicial service at the foundation of the OSCA featuring a ring that passes behind the scenes of the courthouse. The OSCA is the back office of the judicial branch. The functionality and utility of the new website design matches that mission and identity. The site’s look is clean and serves to deliver effectively while sharing complementary elements with other courts’ websites. Visit to see the new design and features.

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