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Gov. Scott supports GAL budget

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Gov. Scott supports GAL budget

Gov. Rick Scott’s proposed budget recommends an increase of $4.3 million and 77.5 new positions for the Guardian ad Litem Program.

“That would enable us to reach our goal of 100 percent representation,” said GAL Executive Director Alan Abramowitz. “This is the fifth year that the governor has supported our program’s expansion strategy to reach all dependent children. Whenever I have met with the governor, he says great things about the program and the volunteers.”

Abramowitz said he plans to submit a second issue requesting $2.7 million for salary adjustments to accompany the GAL’s certification initiative.

“Two independent studies done by Five Points Technology, Inc., highlight the need for salaries that are more consistent with pay in other agencies doing similar work,” Abramowitz said. “The salary adjustments would be targeted primarily at ‘child advocate managers’ and ‘best interest attorneys.’”

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