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How do those appearing in Florida pro hac vice e-file?

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Attorneys who are appearing in a Florida state court pro hac vice also need a number to access the portal.

“The Florida Bar is assigning numbers after receiving and processing a copy of the motion to appear, with fee, as required by the Rules of Judicial Administration,” said Lori Holcomb, the Bar’s director of client protection.

To e-file you must register with the Portal and to register with the Portal, you must have a Pro Hac Vice (PHV) number.

PHV numbers will be assigned by The Florida Bar upon receipt of a copy of a Motion to Appear Pro Hac Vice and the $250 fee. Pursuant to the Rule 2.510, you must continue to file a Motion to Appear Pro Hac Vice with the court and send a copy to The Florida Bar with the $250 fee in every case in which you wish to appear, even after you have a PHV number. You will receive your PHV number in an email from The Florida Bar. Remember that The Florida Bar merely assigns a PHV number for access to the Portal for filing. The Florida Bar will not rule on the motion and the issuance of a PHV number does not allow you to appear in a matter; only a court can grant that permission. Your PHV number is not a Florida Bar number and may not be used to appear in cases when not authorized by the court. Until you receive your PHV number, all pleadings, including the initial motion, must be e-filed by the local Florida attorney designated in your motion. You should make arrangements with the local attorney regarding filing.

Questions regarding the rules should be directed to the Unlicensed Practice of Law department at 850-561-5840. For questions regarding your PHV number, contact Membership Records at 850-561-5831.

For more information about e-filing, visit the Bar’s LegalFuel website.

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