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How is COVID-19 affecting Bar operations?

Bar headquartersThe Florida Bar is working diligently to implement work and schedule changes to keep its staff safe and ensure essential functions are carried out on behalf of Bar members.

Due to rapidly increasing numbers of positive cases, the Bar’s Miami and Ft. Lauderdale branch offices closed Tuesday, March 17, and will remain closed until March 30. The Tampa and Orlando branch offices closed Wednesday, March 18, with plans to reopen March 30.

Tallahassee headquarters and branch offices will closed Thursday, March 19 at 5:30 p.m. Certain Bar staff will be working remotely and essential functions will be continuing.

Orders for CDs, DVDs, and printed seminar course books will not filled/shipped during the time The Florida Bar is closed. Online and downloadable CLE programming is available 24/7 from The Florida Bar at

Senior managers are conferencing to discuss new and arising issues related to scheduling and safety measures. Updates will be posted in the News on this webpage.

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