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International Litigation and Arbitration certification goes to the Supreme Court

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I nternational Litigation and Arbitration certification goes to the Supreme Court

Certification logo Final approval for a new certification area in International Litigation and Arbitration has been given by the Bar Board of Governors.

The board, at its May meeting, unanimously approved the recommendation of the Program Evaluation Committee to create the new area, which had been proposed by the International Law Section.

If approved by the Supreme Court, it will become the 27th certification in the Bar’s certification program and the necessary rules will be submitted to the Supreme Court later this year with the Bar’s biannual rules filing.

International Law Section Chair Eduardo Palmer, in a previous interview, said while there is already a certification for international law, the new area is aimed for the practitioner who does litigation and arbitration instead of general corporate law. He also noted that Miami is becoming a center for settling international disputes and that more than 100 section members have expressed interest in applying for the new certification area if it is approved by the court.

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