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It’s time to vote! Bar elections are underway


Votes must be cast for all the contested races and received prior to midnight, March 22

Steve Davis and Gary Lesser

Steve Davis and Gary Lesser

Balloting is underway in the race for Bar president-elect between Steve Davis of Miami and Gary Lesser of West Palm Beach. Voting has also begun for contested seats for the Bar’s Board of Governors in the 11th and 15th circuits and five races for the Young Lawyers Division board in the 11th, 13th, and 17th circuits.

Election Services Corporation, which administers The Florida Bar’s elections, emailed or mailed ballots to the more than 94,099 eligible voters. The emailed ballots will come from [email protected]. The courtesy eballot and paper ballot contains instructions on how to cast votes online with the Bar’s election company. If a member votes online and returns a paper ballot only the first vote received by Election Services Corporation will be valid.  If your eballot did not arrive to your inbox, use this link to request your unique PIN: Need your Unique PIN

Votes must be cast for all the contested races and received prior to midnight, March 22.

The winner between Lesser and Davis will be sworn in as president-elect at the June Annual Convention, when current President-elect Michael Tanner is sworn in as president, and for his own term as president in June 2022.

Platform statements from Davis and Lesser may be found on the News & Journal’s website, along with a Q&A with the candidates. Lesser and Davis also expressed their views in an online forum which may be viewed here.

The contested seats on the Bar Board of Governors include:

  • In the 11th Circuit, Seat 6, Frances G. De La Guardia and Leslie Rothenberg.
  • In the 15th Circuit, Seat 4, Manuel Farach, Michael J. Gelfand, Mark R. Osherow, and Daniel Zuniga.

Candidates for the contested seats for the Young Lawyers Division Board of Governors, include:

  • In the 11th Circuit, Seat 2, Paige Comparato, Ashley V. Gantt, Bethany J.M. Pandher, and Jessica Saiontz.
  • In the 11th Circuit, Seat 5, Nicole Comparato and Marbely Hernandez.
  • In the 13th Circuit, Seat 1, Giovanni Giarratana, Amber L. Inman, Natasha Khoyi, Jessica Kramer, and Valeria Obi.
  • In the 17th Circuit, Seat 1, Selina Patel and Kyle S. Roberts.
  • In the 17th Circuit, Seat 2, Paul May and Yineth Sanchez Aslan.

Platform statements for the Board of Governors and YLD candidates may also be found on the News & Journal’s website.

If you require assistance, call Election Services Corporation (ESC) toll-free 866-720-4357 during business hours Monday thru Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (EDT), or send an email to [email protected].


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